Monday, August 8, 2016

August Begins

Dear Family & Friends,
            Monday, August 1, was another busy day at the Office.  Started work on a new project, asking the stake Relief Societies to collect some things to put in gift bags for the missionaries for Christmas.  They did this two years ago so we should get some good stuff.  Had phone visits with some of the children, which is always fun!  Went to a movie, “Star Trek Beyond” and really enjoyed it!!
            Tuesday was a pretty quiet day and worked on letters all day.  Was able to exercise in the evening.
            Wednesday started putting Departure Books together.  We have 4 missionaries who are leaving early because of school starting, so I have to get those done.  Also went to Larry’s to take care of their dog, talked to my sister Lois, and in the evening was able to get all the laundry done.  Some of our missionaries are dealing with bed bugs and we are trying to help them do the right things to get rid of them.  We have had to put some in hotels until their apartments can be sprayed and the missionaries go in and do all the cleanup and then try to spray as soon as they see anything.  Jim: There seems to be several issues going on that contribute to the problem: some missionaries don’t report the problem until it gets really bad; some don’t do all they are asked to do to get rid of the bugs; some bugs have a lot of places to hide and are hard to get rid of; and some get transmitted unwittingly from exchanges.  We are trying to address all these issues.  By the end of the week things seemed to be getting better, at least no new reports.  There are 7 apartments right now that have had or have problems we are dealing with.
            Thursday we had a nice visit in the Office with Sister Wakolo.  She is such a sweetheart and love us and the missionaries so much.  We were able to eat Chicken Teriyaki for lunch, which she provided for the young missionaries and there was enough for all of us Office staff, too.  I worked on the calendar to make sure I was putting in all the stuff for the next Transfer without duplicating things that were only needed for this Transfer.  I usually check it over several days to make sure I don’t miss anything.  Because it goes over a 6-week period, I often will compare the wrong weeks of the Transfers and then have to fix it!!  I sent out letters to the missionaries who won’t be here until October but going into the MTC the end of this month because they will learn Spanish.  If I don’t get their letters out now, they won’t have time to send stuff back before they go in the MTC.  Jim: About once a week I have to go to the bank and make a deposit, an easy 2 mile drive, usually for a refund check for one thing or another.  This is so different than in Tokyo where I had to go daily to the local bank and several times a week by train to the main bank.  This is much easier. One of the highlights for me spiritually each day is our morning office staff meeting, with a spiritual thought and a prayer. One of the things that is different for this mission is the extra meeting we attend.  In Tokyo we had weekly district meetings to attend and every 6 weeks a couple of zone meetings we attended.  They were wonderful times to really feel the spirit and to enjoy hearing from our Mission president and his wife. Here we just attend the quarterly single zone meeting for our zone, which has just been one so far, the next is in a couple weeks.  I miss that spiritual lift.  But then I don’t miss staying at the office the next few days in Tokyo until 9:30 or 10 pm catching up.  So be careful what you wish for.
            Friday did all the dusting, then had to put together a Departure Book for a missionary who is leaving after only two Transfers.  Don’t know the circumstances but we are sad to lose her so quickly!  Went over to take care of Sammie, finished up some projects, went shopping at the store, went home, and enjoyed very much the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.  I admit it—I am an Olympicaholic!!!  It is wonderful to see the world come together to participate in so many different athletic events.  Such hope for a better world!!
            Saturday was a cleaning day here at the apartment, watching Olympics, watching the rain pour down most of the day, watching more Olympics, going shopping, eating, and watching more Olympics!!
            Today I am fasting from food and the Olympics (until after dinner!!)J  Really enjoyed testimony meeting—such a variety of testimonies and so much love being expressed and felt.  SS & RS were both good, too.  We are in such a nice ward.  Now to have a nice Sunday nap, and Holly and the kids got back Friday night so we are having them to dinner!!  It will be crowded at our little table, but so fun!!
            Love to you all,

            Elder & Sister Hartzell

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