Sunday, January 22, 2017

Assorted Stuff

Dear Family & Friends,
            Monday had some difficulties—I need to send some letters to the Departing missionaries and their parents, but I am waiting for information to come in including itineraries that I need to mail with the letters, but they didn’t come.  I worked on assorted other things, but none of the regular stuff.  I checked on the zone conference luncheon for Tuesday. Jim: I started learning more about the missionary bikes today.  Sister Green had been doing that, and I need to take it over now, tracking the coming, the going, and for some the loaner bikes.  It rained buckets on the way home and we could hardly hear our phone conversation with our son Brent.  We enjoy visiting with him every week.  We ate dinner, changed, and went to see the movie, “Hidden Figures.”  It was about black women in NASA during the early 60’s.  We had no idea what they accomplished and what they endured.  It was really good and we highly recommend it!!
            Tuesday I made and sent letters to missionaries who will be coming in February.  I made sure the luncheon was set up for the zone conference on Wed., replaced photos on the bulletin board outside of our Office, took care of medical bills, and recorded and filed information that had been sent in.  We came home, exercised, ate dinner, had a good visit with Joseph, and watched TV.
            Wednesday the information I was waiting for came in and I sent out the letters to Departing missionaries and their parents.  It felt good to get that done!  Checked on the lunch for our zone conference on Thursday.  Our Little Rock Ward is preparing it.  Took care of a lot of emails, iPad stuff, and reorganized some binders on my desk.  Grocery-shopped on the way home, and did 3 loads of laundry.
            Thursday we drove to Otter Creek building (the chapel we meet in every Sunday) and had our LR Zone Conference.  We were taught by President Wakolo, his Assistants, the Zone Leaders, the Sister Training Leaders, an activity led by Sister Wakolo, had a delicious lunch, our group photo, bore our testimonies, some more training by Pres Wakolo about being a 4th Missionary, meaning we serve with “high expectations and high love (for ourselves and the Savior)”, and evaluating how we are serving.  We left and headed back to the Office in pouring rain, worked on phone calls, lots of different issues to take care of, including news of a missionary who is in incredible pain which the doctors found came from a growth in his abdomen and he will be sent to SLC as they believe it is cancerous.  Our prayers are with him and his family.  President Wakolo is spending his time with him and his companions after our zone conference on Thursday and through Friday and yesterday when his plane left.  So sad!  We exercised, ate, and watched Inauguration activities.
            Friday I was busy making copies of all the missionaries who will be here when the next mission president comes on July 1st.  I only got 1/3 of the way done.  Our new mission president is named Norman E. Hansen, from Washington state.  We have a lot of stuff to be sending him over the next couple of months.  Had a meeting with Sisters Wakolo and Sorensen about the meals and food we need to have ready for this coming week.  A lot of meetings, a broadcast, and an apostle here next Saturday.  I needed to run an errand so arranged to do it right at the time that our President and Vice-President were sworn into Office and got to hear the Tabernacle Choir sing (so proud of them), and President Trump give his talk.  I have mixed feelings about it.  I just wish that everyone would give him a chance and see how he does instead of so many critics before he even gets started.  I pray for peace and cooperation between people.  I hate contention!!  Had a quick dinner in the evening, then drove to Larry and Holly’s for a piano recital.  Both Gary and Bram played very well—so impressed!  Sister Wakolo and Jasmin were there and she also performed.  We really enjoyed it!!  Ate some cookies, visited, and headed home.

            Saturday we got a lot done—dusting, vacuuming, airing out the house (sunshine in the morning and 70 degrees!!), recording receipts, taking care of some business, exercising, cleaning up, going shopping for Jim to get new high-top tennies and a new corduroy sport coat.  Also got a new paper cutting tool for the Office.  The fellow who took care of us was so nice, as are most of the people here in Arkansas.  They talk so nicely to you—lots of Yes, Ma’am and No, Ma’am.  Jim even did it on our way home and it surprised me.  He has always been respectful, but not used those words.  It is neat!!  Came home and had Movie Night. 
            Our friend Michelle called and said she had lost the vision in one of her eyes and was going to the emergency room today to get it taken care of.  It happened when she woke up Friday morning and called our Bishop who is an eye doctor about it.  He said it could be an “eye stroke” or bleeding in the eye.  He wanted her to go to the emergency room right away, but she takes her jobs seriously and put them first—going to her regular job on Friday and then to help an elderly woman in our ward yesterday until this morning.  We are praying for her and hope you will also.  Thank you.
            Today we start a new schedule for church—it doesn’t start until noon so I am doing our blog now instead of this evening.
            Some quotes from some of our missionaries:  “After our convert got confirmed Sunday, she came and sat by us.  Before she had expressed about this black spot in her from all of our past sins and how she was scared that it would never go away.  When she sat down, she said with tears in her eyes, ‘the black spot is gone!’  That’s my favorite part about this work is hearing people’s feelings and experiences of being clean and having the Holy Ghost.”
            “In a testimony of another missionary, she said something about not regretting learning lessons sooner because they were learned in the moment she was ready for them.  I’m grateful for that because I learned a lot of lessons I wish I had learned earlier, but I know I only learned them now because I am ready for them and I am looking for the Spirit to teach them to me.”
            Our thoughts and prayers are also with our cousin, Julie, who just completed her fourth chemo  treatment; Sister Hugentobler who continues to have a bad cough and not feel good; our cousin, Barbara, who broke her other foot just as the first one was finally healed,; and other family members and friends who are dealing with health and other issues in their lives.
            We love you and pray for you and hope you are all doing well. 
            Love, Elder and Sister Hartzell
Sister Hugentobler's Farewell Dinner at Olive Garden.

Bram's Science Fair Project - about the amount of iron in cereals.
He got third place in his division!!  Way to go!!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Friday, the 13th and Stake Conference

Dear Family & Friends,
            Last Sunday evening we had a good visit with Shelley and I worked on the blog. 
            Monday I worked on baptism and other photos to put in the Leader.  Right now a returned-missionary sister is doing it for us.  She had to leave her mission early because of health reasons but still wanted to be involved in missionary work so she offered to publish The Leader for us.  We had a Staff Meeting in the afternoon and I got several new assignments relating to our new mission president.  We found his name is Hanson and he served here in Arkansas on his mission.  So I will start collecting information to send to him so he can start being familiar with the things we are currently doing and deciding what changes he wants to make.  We went to Olive Garden with everyone in the Office to have a Farewell dinner for Sister Hugentobler.  She is still doing poorly and comes in when she can.  Had a good phone visit with Christi and her family.  Her husband Shawn left the previous Friday to fly to China for a job working as a concept artist on a feature cartoon film.  He will be there for three weeks, then come home for some time.  We don’t know when he will go back again.  Hopefully this will last for at least the next 6 months to give them some income until he can find a new permanent job. 
            Tuesday I worked on a lot of Leadership Letters to send to the missionaries, put in their files, and share in an email with their parents.  We had no new Missionary Recommendations come in.  The Sorensens left at 2:00 pm for Memphis and their first two Zone Conferences on Wed. and Thurs.  The Assistants were in the Office most of the day, and other missionaries came and went.  The weather was much warmer and got up to 68 degrees.  It was 47 degrees when we got up today and was 22 yesterday, wild swings. We exercised, had a phone visit with Brent, and spent a quiet evening.
            Wednesday I worked on various papers, emails, and took media orders as both Sister H and Sister Sorensen were gone.  The Rasmussens came in for a visit, and then the Greens, so we went out to lunch with them.  Just as we were finishing up, I got a call from Pres. Wakolo saying that there was NO lunch for their Zone Conference!!  I was just sick about it.  I went back to the Office and found out that there had been a mis-communication between me and the stake RS president over that stake/zone.  Pres. ended up ordering pizza for everyone.  The Rasmussens headed home, but the Greens stayed to help go through different things.  Elder Green helped me with the Mission History, and Sister Green deleted lots of stuff off the computer at the back.  I worked on the Zone Conference Lunch Schedule and made sure the stake in charge of Thursday’s lunch was ready.  We went grocery shopping after 5:15, then home to do laundry and played some games and relax.
            Thursday was a very hard day—it was my “Friday, the 13th,” even though it was Thursday the 12th.  I went through the Zone Conference lunch schedule and sent it to Pres & Sister Wakolo to make sure it was correct.  I worked on lots of emails and ordered travel for missionaries leaving March 28th.  Then I found out that Sister Green had deleted a program that had the Mission Calendar on it that I had spent all Fall working on and finally finished after Christmas!!  And that my computer copies of “The Leader” including baptismal photos were all deleted!!  Talk about being sick to my stomach—I just sat and stared for a while trying to figure out what to do.  Jim helped by going into the Recycle Bin and we found the Calendar stuff—HALLELUJAH!!!
I worked off some frustration by cleaning the bathroom before we left (plus it was much warmer than in the morning!!).  The Sorensens got back from Memphis about 3:00.  Sis H never came in and we found out that her checks had been stolen last week in the break-in so she had spent a lot of time talking to her bank back home in Moab.  It helped that her son is the bank manager! We had a nice visit with Larry on the phone as we drove to the apartment.
            Friday I spent time going into our email program called Outlook and went back three months and found copies of the October and November Leaders and saved them to my computer.  I also found all the baptismal photos and copies them to my computer, too.  By the end of the day I felt much, much better!!  I also worked on faxing medical bills to SLC, finished the Lunch Schedule and sent out the final copies to the 5 Stake RS Presidents.  I also redid the Lunch Book to keep all the information I need in one place.  Sister H came in and I went with her and Sister Sorensen to take the missionaries out to lunch to celebrate 3 of their birthdays and honor Sis. H on her last day as a missionary.  There was a big group and we had fun eating and visiting.  Finished working in the Office by 5:30, did a little more shopping of things we had missed, went home and changed and went to a movie, “Passengers.”  It was pretty good but did have a couple of scenes we shut our eyes in.
            Saturday we exercised, cleaned our apartment bathrooms, updated addresses, made a bean soup, took naps, cleaned up, went to the Little Rock Stake Center and had dinner at 5:15 and enjoyed visiting with Michelle and others.  Then had an awesome Adult Session—several good talks by the 3 sisters who are presidents of the stake auxiliaries about how the Spirit had worked in their lives.  Some great stories.  President Wakolo spoke and gave a great talk about the need for the Gospel and missionary work.  The music was by some mutual youth in our Little Rock Ward and they were wonderful.  President Palmer, councilor in the Stake Presidency gave a wonderful talk on hope and our challenge to act, to increase our hope and faith.  Then President Dixon spoke and talked about surviving in a fallen world and how to overcome the tendencies of the natural man, by walking in the light and way of Jesus Christ.  Saw Sister H and gave her a hug.  She had moved out of her apartment earlier that afternoon.  It has been really foggy the last few days—Jim says it is eerie and I say it is ethereal.  When we were almost home, we exited the freeway and saw a car on the other side of the road that had taken a corner too fast and not only jumped the curb but rode up some heavy guywires attached to a power pole.  It was hanging on them sideways!!  I wished we had taken a picture—it was incredible!!  Oh, well---
            Today was a wonderful Stake Conference.  We sat with Larry and Holly and the kids.  We heard a number of good talks, including one by a young woman about 19 who had joined the church when she was about 12.  Her family were not supportive at all, in fact they were antagonistic, telling her she could only go to church once a week.  Over time they became a lot more supportive, her mother telling her she had changed for the better.  She had a “mean” YW leader who made her do the Young Womanhood program so she could earn her medallion.  She was so glad she did it and was proudly wearing it around her neck.  She talked about her love for the Book of Mormon and how reading it every day really helped her stay close to the Lord and get through the tough times.  Then an older sister, perhaps in her 60’s, spoke of growing up and having visions and being told that was not possible.  But she described them and they were so beautiful.  She eventually found the church just a couple of years ago and finally found the church that had answers to all of her questions and revelations.  She has been going to the temple and loving the Spirit there.  Also, she found out about doing her family’s work to be sealed to them.  “Why would I want to do that?!!  I don’t want to be sealed to THEM!!”  But the Lord told her, “Because that is what I want you to do.”  And the peace she felt was overwhelming.  Her love for the Lord and the Gospel was palpable.  There were other wonderful testimonies, but I will just share those two.  The special musical numbers were by our ward and were wonderful again.  Jim: I just wanted to add one other remark that the wife of the first councilor in the Mission Presidency, Sister Jones, shared.  She spoke about all the things she was thankful for and shared a quote she has on her night stand which says, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but rather spiritual beings having a human experience.”  And her husband, President Jones, had all the missionaries stand and sing the Mission Song.  I even cried.  That is impactful to ponder.   We had a quick Missionary Correlation afterwards, then we went to lunch at Larry’s and Holly’s where we had a delicious pork roast salad and rolls with Orange Juliuses for dessert and played Uno and Go Fish.  We left at 3:30, went to the Office for a while, and are now home and enjoying a quiet Sabbath evening.
            We love you all and testify that when tough times happen, just remember that “this, too, shall pass.”
            Have a great week—Elder & Sister Hartzell

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Brrrrrrrr!!!! It's cold outside!!!!!

Dear Family & Friends,
            Last Sunday evening we talked to Christi and Shelley and their families.  We also made our lunch for Monday as we would have to leave early.
            Monday morning we got up, got ready and left for the Memphis Temple (2 ½ hours away) at 7:15 a.m.  It was foggy and rainy most of the way.  We enjoyed a wonderful session in the temple with the missionaries who were returning home, the missionaries who had birthdays in December and January, President and Sister Wakolo and the other members of his mission presidency, and other Senior Couple.  What a beautiful and blessed experience it was!!  It is a small temple but is full of the Spirit of the Lord.  Because we didn’t have to stop for lunch, we drove straight to the Mission Home.  It was pouring rain for the first hour or so--I am talking dumping!!!  But we made it safely.  We helped prepare the Departure Dinner and served it to some of our favorite missionaries including Elders Hooker and Hunt who were Assistants, and Elder Boggess who was an Office Elder.  Elder Phillips, another Office Elder, left the past week to get into school right after the 1st
            Tuesday Jim & I spent the morning doing the Transfer Board in IMOS.  It took 1 ½ hours.  The only thing left to do is enter the companionships of new Arrivals and their Trainers.  That happens after they meet.  I also worked in emails and letters and updating information in the computer.  We worked until 4:45, then drove to the Pinnacle Mountain Chapel to help with the dinner there.  More good food and it was so nice to meet the new missionaries who just came in.  What a great group!!  We cleaned up after and left by 8:00, drove home and relaxed.  I also went through papers I had collected to see what was left to gather Wed. morning.
            Wednesday we drove to the Rodney Parham building (same place as the night before—it goes by both names), and did our training with the new missionaries.  It went well and I collected a lot more papers and the passports from 3 of them.  Went back to the Office and finished putting the Trainer/Trainee information into IMOS.  Then I started printing up and emailing all the reports that the missionaries and mission presidency need.  That took most of the day.  I recorded the paperwork that they gave me, and also set up the Zone Conference luncheon schedules for 2017 with the stake RS presidents.  We stopped to do grocery shopping on our way home, ate dinner, and fell asleep watching TV.
            Thursday the Office was closed because the electrical company was replacing a wood pole and had to shut off all the electricity.  We drove by at 11:45 to see if they were done and they were, so we called everyone and told them to come on in.  It felt strange to only be there for ½ a day, but we got things done at home so it was not a waste.  We had picked up cases of water at Sam’s Club as we were running low at the office and also got pizza there for lunch.  Sister Wakolo came in and gave me paperwork that she had collected—paperwork—it’s what I do!!  I also sent Arrival Information letters to the three ASL sisters who will be going in the MTC in a month and arrive here on March 21, one week before the regular transfer.  We left at 5:00 to go home and exercise and have a quiet evening.  I read something that morning from Moroni 7:2 that touched me:  “. . . because of the gift of his calling to me.”  I have learned that each new calling I have in the church is a “gift” that helps me learn and grow.  Some I even ask for, like going on a mission, many are scary, but all turn out to be wonderful!!
            Friday it was bitter cold (20 degrees but felt like 11) and there was 1-2 inches of SNOW on the ground!?!  I know—snow in the south?!!  But it was and we heard from the Sorensens that they got to the Office but it was scary.  There are no snow plows here.  They do put down some sand/salt stuff, but on the hills that are all over Little Rock, the roads get icy and you have NO control!!  We stayed home until 10:00 and ventured out, but when we got to the Office were told that the hill going to the Office would likely be blocked off and, if we didn’t want to spend the night there, we needed to go back home.  So we did!!  So we did our Saturday activities instead:  cleaning, working on music for our iPad, budget stuff, going through lots of emails that we haven’t looked at in a month, and doing some phone calls.  It was nice to stay inside and look at the snow out the window. 
            Saturday we slept in, ate a late breakfast, then drove to the Office and worked for about 5 hours.  The roads were clear but it was still real cold.  I worked on downloading photos of the Departing and Arriving missionaries in my computer, then took a couple of hours to send out the photos to all the Arriving Missionaries’ families.  The Sorensens, Assistants, and Office Elders were there, too.  Felt like Friday instead of Saturday.  It was cold as I think the church heat was affected by the Thursday electrical shutdown.  Afterwards, I got my hair cut, I then cut Jim’s hair, and he colored mine.  We cleaned up and enjoyed a quiet evening.
            Today was cold—I wish I had worn my warm snow boots to church even though there was no snow.  I was warm everywhere but my feet!!  Church was lovely and I feel so good in the Little Rock ward and so welcome.  We got a new elder, Elder ‘Iongi, and a new sister, Sister Inman, in the ward.  The testimonies were beautiful, and the lessons were good.  It was nice to talk about temples and family history work in Gospel Principles, and the Restoration in RS.  We had some investigators and I could tell they really felt something.  Went by the Office on the way home and spent a couple of hours sending out the photos to the Departing Missionaries and their families.  Came home, napped, watched BYU TV, ate dinner, and am writing the blog.
            I received a special email in the Office from a Missionary Mom from the Philippines whose son is a Visa-waiter (serving in the Philippines because his Visa hasn’t come through yet).  She said,  “Thank you so much Sister Hartzell, before I went to a net cafe to open and see if the email I had sent has a reply I really prayed sincerely....hoping that there's somehow a response--and I am so surprise and thankful for your loving reply Sister Hartzell. Thank you from the bottom of my heart-it took a very long time to make a letter because I am so very much concern about how to use correct English grammar. But a voice said just start typing your message what matters is the thought that you really made it for your son and also for Pres.and Sis Wakolo. Again Thank you so much we are so excited for our son to work there as a Full time Missionary. I know you will help him too if he has questions or concern. Like about different cultures and language.. Happy New Year 2017 we are sending our love from our family to all of you there in Arkansas.”  Isn’t that the sweetest letter?!!  The Spirit truly works with all of us.
            Our love and prayers are with all of you—
            Elder and Sister Hartzell

Jim and I on Christmas Eve by our Christmas tree
A foggy day at our apartment
Yes, we have snow!!  In North Little Rock!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Dear Family & Friends,
            Monday was cloudy and rained on and off all day, sometimes a downpour, and sometimes just sprinkles or “spitting.”  We had the day off because it was the day after Christmas, so we did some cleaning and made more Cookie Salad and tossed salad.  At 1:15 the Harrises arrived (a Senior Couple who serve in Morrilton), and then the Sorensens.  We went over to the clubhouse theater room and had lots of snacks while we watched a Hallmark movie called, “Trading Christmas,” and then a Disney movie called “Snowball Express.”  We love to watch and laugh at that one!!  There was another couple, the Rasmussens, who were supposed to be there, but a newly baptized member of just a week had had some surgery and then passed away, so they were giving service to the new member’s family.  After we came back to the apartment, I showed the couples Tim Tam Slams (we learned about them in Japan) and a couple of people tried them.  Then we ate the salads at our apartment, then went over to the Sorensen’s apt. for Sweet and Sour Chicken, baked potatoes, and cooked carrots.  The Harrises had brought apple pie for dessert and we provided some ice cream.  It was all so yummy!!  We even sang some Christmas carols before everyone left to go home and relax.  The Harrises went to see the Christmas lights downtown.  It was a lovely day!
            Tuesday we were back in the Office and a beautiful sunny day.  I worked on the Dep. Binders, emails, the 2017 Calendar, the Zone Conf lunch schedule for 2017 to send out to stake presidents and stake R.S. presidents, and ordered Jimmy Johns lunch boxes for the MLC lunch on Thursday.  Elder Phillips came into the Office to say goodbye and we all went in the chapel where he played “Clair de Lune” for us.  (He and 3 other missionaries flew out on Wed, a week early because of school).  When I got back in the Office, I panicked as I could not find my list of things that needed to be done.  I looked and prayed and looked and prayed.  Because I did, I found instead that the 4 missionaries who were returning home had sent me their Departing Testimonies and their Many Mighty Miracles papers to put in their binders, but because I had worked on their binders the previous week, I accidentally put them in their folders.  When I found them, I quickly took them out, put them in envelopes and gave them to them to take home.  Wow!!  That was such a Tender Mercy!!  Then, 5 minutes later I found the paper I was panicking over.  So glad I lost it, then found it again.  We talked to Brent on our way home from work, then found out that Sister Hugentobler’s apartment had been broken into and her jewelry and money and car and apartment keys were stolen.  I don’t know a total value, but the place was a mess.  Everything was dumped out on the floor Except—her garment drawer!!  The police were there awhile, along with Denise, the apt. manager.  We went over later with some dinner and Jim had gone to Lowes and bought PVC pipe and a cutter to put pvc pipes in each of her windows so they could not be opened again like was done before.  Also, Jim and Elder Sorensen gave her a blessing.  We found out that this has been happening more and more, not only here but other places in the area.  Jim secured the Sorensen’s windows and ours also.
            Wednesday, cloudy and misty again.  I worked on the binders some more, printing up more Letters to the Pres, the Assistants (Elders Hunt and James) were there part of the day.  Sis. H did not come in as she had to go to the VW dealership to get her car rekeyed (the apartment was rekeyed right away), and her daughter-in-law came over to help her go through stuff and pack stuff into boxes to go to their house (Sis. H is done with her mission in 2 weeks!!).  She is also starting back into laryngitis, and I was losing my voice, too, so I sucked on Coldeze all day.  We went shopping after work, then watched a Christmas movie on Feeln’.  I had a nice visit with my sister, Lois.
            Thursday was MLC (Mission Leadership Council) in our building, and we got the Jimmy Johns lunch for them (plus we got some, too).  I worked more on the binders and letters until we ran out of ink, so Jim & I went searching for a replacement cartridge, but instead found a place that would refill the cartridge.  However, it turned out to be $7 more than buying a new one.  Oh, well.  Because of running around for 1 ½ hours, I ended staying until 7:00 while Jim went home and exercised, then came back for me when I called him.  I was able to get the last of the 17 binders done (finally!!).  After I got him I exercised, and we watched TV and went to bed.
            Friday I worked on processing the 4 new missionary recommendations that came in on Tuesday.  I also had to do the Departure and the Arrival Programs to give out on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  The Assistants were in the Office all day making up the Transfer Lists.  Sis. H came in but she sounds like she has the croup.  I still sound rough, but no coughing!!  We took a quick trip to McDonalds about 3:30 in the afternoon to meet up with the Tannehills again who were heading back from Georgia to their home in Henderson.  It was good to be able to visit with them some more.  But because of doing that, we did not finish our stuff until 6:15.  We ended up missing the Neighborhood Watch meeting at the clubhouse, but the Sorensen’s sent and said the police were asking us to be more observant and know our neighbors better.  Hard to do as we hardly ever see them!  Quiet evening at home.
            Saturday more rain all day but we did get to sleep in!!  Jim cleaned the bathrooms while I worked on our budget.  It took about 3 hours, but we got it all done—hooray!! We also took down our few  Christmas decorations, but not the outside lights as it was too wet.  We exercised and cleaned up, then met the Sorensens at The Whole Hog barbecue restaurant.  We got there at 1 minute before 5:00 and we were the last ones they let in.  It was delicious and we closed the place down!!  Then we went to walk around the mall a little, then watched the movie, “Rogue One,” again.  We do love our Star Wars and like to see them multiple times!!  Came home and watched TV but only stayed up until 11:00, and then went to bed. 
            HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
            Today was a cold, foggy, and rainy Sunday, but good meetings and talks about goals and New Years resolutions.  Michelle bought a new car yesterday and was so excited to show us her new 2008 Prius.  So we won’t be picking her up any more.  After church we went to the Office for me to do some of my own desk calendaring, and finally got home about 3:30.
            We want to wish you all a wonderful 2017—
            We love you,

            Elder & Sister Hartzell

                    Elder & Sister Sorensen, new Vehicle Coordinator and Recorder/Referral Secretary

Our Little Rock Zone at the Christmas Zone Conference
The White Bags are the gifts for the missionaries from the local wards and branches

The Women of the Office:  Sister Sorensen, Sister Hartzell, Sister Hugentobler, and Sister Green

The Men of the Office:  Elder Hartzell, Elder Green, and Elder Sorensen