Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Visit to Kamakura, June 2009

The sign on top of the hotel announces that we have arrived in Kamakura.

The next photo shows the city of Kamakura along the east coast of Japan. Can you see the surfers out on the water?

The third photo is to show our son Joseph that he has a pizza place in Kamakura
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The Great Buddha (Daibutsu) in Kamakura

Jim in front of the Great Buddha, the lantern, and the Lotus flower

The Great Buddha is an impressive and imposing statue

What a beautiful sculpture of a lotus flower!

The walk leading to the Great Buddha statue
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The Grounds and Hydrangea Flowers at the Hasedera Temple in Kamakura

Jim & the cute Buddha statue

Pat getting ready to enter the cave

A tiny room with tiny statues

Don't know who this is, but you wouldn't want to meet him on a dark and stormy night (or any other time!!)
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This multi-armed buddha shows different tools

These are the temple buildings of Hasedera

This is the largest wooden Buddha in Japan

These statues are in the baby garden. Can you see the little baby attached to the leg of the one statue?
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This is the entrance to the grounds of the Hasedera Temple--a beautiful pond and garden area.

The area of children buddhas.

A hillside of hydrangeas. Can you find the groups of people walking through the hillside?

This one was very different--had a much smaller petal.
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Pat's favorite color

This is not an hydrangea, but we loved the brilliant yellow color

Great photo of a nector-collector. Don't know the kind of flower

A cluster of pink
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Pat on the walk among the hydrangeas on the hillside of the Hasedera Temple.

Field of blue

A hillside of colorful beauty

This flat hydrangea was unique
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