Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kairaku-en (Park) Fountain

This was such an interesting-looking tree.

The sign tells about the fountain called To-Gyoku-Sen. The fountains in this area were said to cure eye diseases.

A spout of white stone was placed in the garden as an ornament.

The spring water was used for the tea ceremonies held in the Koubun-tei House.
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Trees in Kairaku-en (Park)

Jim standing near the bamboo forest

The bamboo forest was pretty thick!!

The tops of the bamboo trees looked lush and feathery

Across from the bamboo forest was the cedar forest.
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Koubun-tei House

Closeup of the thatched roof

We think this is a wash basin of some kind.

View of the park filled with people on a nice Saturday and lake in the background.

This park extends away in the distance with rivers or lakes.
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Koubun-tei House

Window with bamboo screen. It could be closed by lifting up the shutter hanging down below that had bamboo on it too.

Pulley wheel for the dumb waiter system

Looking down the dumb waiter shaft 3 floors

This shows the dumb waiter sitting at the bottom, probably in the kitchen .
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Koubun-tei House

The cherry room

This interesting doorway was short so you had to duck to get through.

This screen was in the Lord's Hall of Visitors

The ceiling in the Lord's Hall had a unique herringbone pattern.
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Koubun-tei house

The house was built by the ninth Lord of Mito, Nariaki Tokugawa, in 1842.
The beautiful screens in each room were painted with trees and flowers
from the gardens around the house.
This is the peach room.

This is the Azalea Room

This colorful room we don't know the name for.

This room shows how the screens can be opened to allow ventilation. It has a walkway all around the outside of the house.
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Kairaku-en Trees and people at the park

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Our Visit to Kairaku-en (Park)

Sister Hartzell, Sister Hill, Elder Ferguson, Elder Zitting, and Elder Palmer with Elder Hartzell doing the photography--getting ready to enter Kairaku-en, one of the three most beautiful parks in all of Japan.

We have some good-lookin' missionaries!!

Jim looking at the map of this huge park with over 3,000 plum trees planted and in various stages of blossoming.

Two roses among the plum blossoms.
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Kairaku-en (Park) Plum Trees in Blossom

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Kairaku-en Plum Trees in Blossom

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