Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dancing and Drumming during Matsuri

Summer Festival - Matsuri

This is the stand they built in the middle of our little park. It has two levels, the bottom for dancing, the top for drumming.

There was a big circle and lots of people were dancing, some in yukatas and some in regular clothes.

A close-up of the dancers on the stage.

A cute little girl in her summer yukata with strawberries all over it.
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Visiting Yuichi's Cabin in Komoro

We spent a fun weekend in Komoro, Japan. Our Eikaiwa student, Yuichi, has a family summer home there that they built over 20 years ago. Look at all the lush growth. In one day we had fog, rain, sun, and wind.

We took a walk and tried not to get muddy. Yuichi's car got stuck in the mud a couple of times.

This is our host, Yuichi, on his side porch.

Having breakfast with Yuichi, Kiyoko, Ken, and Mana on the porch. Didn't like the bugs so ate indoors for the other meals.
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