Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Buddha at Todaiji Temple

The alter in front of the Buddha statue

The Buddha statue. This is the Vairocana Buddha ("Buddha that shines throughout the world like the sun.") Each curl on his head is the size of a human head. Made from cast bronze, which was then plated with gold. Originally built in 752.

Description of the lotus petals

The Lotus Petals (read description above)

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Todaiji Temple in Nara

Todaiji Temple--original building built between 710 and 794 A.D. This is the third one which was built during the Edo period

One of the few cherry trees still in blossom

The crowds of school children and tours entering the temple

Jim standing in front of a beautifully-engraved lantern in front of the temple
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Our Trip to Nara and Kyoto

We rode this Shinkansen train to Kyoto. Took us about 2 hours to get there.

The tour took us to Nara first where we went through big gates on the way to the Todaiji Temple

The Temple is also a Deer Park where the deer are considered sacred and are not allowed to be killed.

This is a second gate on the way to the Temple
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Missionaries wishing Sis. Hartzell a Happy Birthday

Pat Turns 60 in Tokyo

Sister Jones and Sister Nonaka decorated Pat's desk--
There were balloons and stars and streamers everywhere!!

Brother Yahagi in the ward does wonderful balloon animals in addition to his magic act.
Elmo is holding a beautiful flower!!

Pat was so amazed to see her desk all decorated up

Pat showing her birthday cards and Japanese cakes from Sister Onishi
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hanami of Sakura on the River/Moat

Our first view through the crowd at the boats on the river under the Sakura trees

Aren't these cherry blossoms gorgeous?!!

The crowds were so thick you could hardly move down the sidewalk.

The sunlight really showed off the beauty of the blossoms.
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A close up of the blossoms with the dark bark of the tree as contrast

Elder and Sister Kodama


It must have been wonderful to be floating underneath all this beauty
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Hanami at the River/Moat

Notice the rock wall of the moat which used to surround the Imperial Palace grounds. Now it's only partially there.

What glorious color!!

A popular photo spot--notice all the cameras and cell phones held up high to get the best picture.

The trees and blossoms were so beautiful!!
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Hanami at Asigaya Park

The cherry trees lined both sides of the main street alongside the park

Look at all the trees

As you can see, we were nearly alone in the park!

Jim stands by a beautiful old lantern
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Hanami at Asigaya Park

These white pigeons are on top of their roost. This is the only place in Tokyo where they can be found.

Elder and Sister Kodama and Sister Hartzell at the Park

These guarding dragons always show one with the mouth open

and one with the mouth closed
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Primary Easter Egg Activity

Everyone is singing a song while waiting for the activity to begin

Sis. Hill showing how the egg looks after the coloring
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