Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1, 2009

Dear Family & Friends,

Ohaio gozaimas!! Good morning!!

We have sunshine today, so even though the wind is blowing, it’s a beautiful day!! Too much clouds, rain, and snow!!! Yup, we had snow last week on Thursday—it came down for about 4 hours and was actually sticking to the ground. We were tempted to go out and play, but there wasn’t enough to make snowballs so we didn’t.

Our big news was Jim had a birthday on Saturday, Feb. 28th (actually an “un-birthday” as his real one is Feb. 29th. So he is now 15 1/4th! He got 3 birthday cakes this week—On Wednesday at Eikaiwa they all sang Happy Birthday to him and our Ward Mission leader, who is a street performer, put on a magic show just for him. It was lots of fun! And our Eikaiwa leader, Sister Onishi, gave him a small box with two little pieces of cake to enjoy—small pieces but very rich tasting. Then on Thursday, we had one of our faithful Eikaiwa students, Yuichi, and his wife Mitsuko (pronounced Mitzko), over for dinner. They are in their late 60’s or early 70’s and have traveled the world and are wonderful people. They brought a little cake for us to enjoy (it cut into just 4 pieces), but again was very rich tasting. And we found out that Friday, Feb. 27th, was Mitsuko’s birthday, so we sang to both of them. It was fun.

Then, on Saturday, we celebrated Jim’s birthday by sleeping in until 7:00, having a nice breakfast (cooked partially by Jim as he makes the best egg omelets!!). Then he had to go to the office for some financial stuff, while I cleaned the apartment and did some laundry. When he got back, we went for a nice walk, came back and had lunch, cleaned up, and went to a store in Harajuku called the Oriental Bazaar. It has 3 floors and is mostly furniture and china with assorted other stuff, too. But we didn’t buy anything there because we like the Asakusa Bazaar better and plan to go back there and do more shopping for souvenirs. Harajuku was crazy—tons of shoppers, mostly teenagers and young adults—and the sidewalks were packed!! We went there last June and told you about it. It is the “Champs Elysee” of Tokyo. It has lots of European and American and Italian stores that cost a bunch of money, so we don’t even go inside! When we got home, we took naps, then had a nice dinner of salmon for Jim and hamburger for me. Watched TV and went to bed.

Yesterday, Sunday, we enjoyed Church and then went to dinner at the Josen’s, where they served a Japanese beef stew, miso soup, hash browns, salad, and cake!! (small but delicious!!!). So Jim ended up with 3 cakes, none of which I baked.

Our word for the week is: Happy Birthday!! Not only to Jim but to our friend, Sheila, in Israel, another Leap Year baby.

Our thought for the week is: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33. Jim is such a good example of this scripture—he is one of the best men ever!!! (And no, I’m not prejudiced!)

We love you all—

Jim & Pat

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