Sunday, January 1, 2017


Dear Family & Friends,
            Monday was cloudy and rained on and off all day, sometimes a downpour, and sometimes just sprinkles or “spitting.”  We had the day off because it was the day after Christmas, so we did some cleaning and made more Cookie Salad and tossed salad.  At 1:15 the Harrises arrived (a Senior Couple who serve in Morrilton), and then the Sorensens.  We went over to the clubhouse theater room and had lots of snacks while we watched a Hallmark movie called, “Trading Christmas,” and then a Disney movie called “Snowball Express.”  We love to watch and laugh at that one!!  There was another couple, the Rasmussens, who were supposed to be there, but a newly baptized member of just a week had had some surgery and then passed away, so they were giving service to the new member’s family.  After we came back to the apartment, I showed the couples Tim Tam Slams (we learned about them in Japan) and a couple of people tried them.  Then we ate the salads at our apartment, then went over to the Sorensen’s apt. for Sweet and Sour Chicken, baked potatoes, and cooked carrots.  The Harrises had brought apple pie for dessert and we provided some ice cream.  It was all so yummy!!  We even sang some Christmas carols before everyone left to go home and relax.  The Harrises went to see the Christmas lights downtown.  It was a lovely day!
            Tuesday we were back in the Office and a beautiful sunny day.  I worked on the Dep. Binders, emails, the 2017 Calendar, the Zone Conf lunch schedule for 2017 to send out to stake presidents and stake R.S. presidents, and ordered Jimmy Johns lunch boxes for the MLC lunch on Thursday.  Elder Phillips came into the Office to say goodbye and we all went in the chapel where he played “Clair de Lune” for us.  (He and 3 other missionaries flew out on Wed, a week early because of school).  When I got back in the Office, I panicked as I could not find my list of things that needed to be done.  I looked and prayed and looked and prayed.  Because I did, I found instead that the 4 missionaries who were returning home had sent me their Departing Testimonies and their Many Mighty Miracles papers to put in their binders, but because I had worked on their binders the previous week, I accidentally put them in their folders.  When I found them, I quickly took them out, put them in envelopes and gave them to them to take home.  Wow!!  That was such a Tender Mercy!!  Then, 5 minutes later I found the paper I was panicking over.  So glad I lost it, then found it again.  We talked to Brent on our way home from work, then found out that Sister Hugentobler’s apartment had been broken into and her jewelry and money and car and apartment keys were stolen.  I don’t know a total value, but the place was a mess.  Everything was dumped out on the floor Except—her garment drawer!!  The police were there awhile, along with Denise, the apt. manager.  We went over later with some dinner and Jim had gone to Lowes and bought PVC pipe and a cutter to put pvc pipes in each of her windows so they could not be opened again like was done before.  Also, Jim and Elder Sorensen gave her a blessing.  We found out that this has been happening more and more, not only here but other places in the area.  Jim secured the Sorensen’s windows and ours also.
            Wednesday, cloudy and misty again.  I worked on the binders some more, printing up more Letters to the Pres, the Assistants (Elders Hunt and James) were there part of the day.  Sis. H did not come in as she had to go to the VW dealership to get her car rekeyed (the apartment was rekeyed right away), and her daughter-in-law came over to help her go through stuff and pack stuff into boxes to go to their house (Sis. H is done with her mission in 2 weeks!!).  She is also starting back into laryngitis, and I was losing my voice, too, so I sucked on Coldeze all day.  We went shopping after work, then watched a Christmas movie on Feeln’.  I had a nice visit with my sister, Lois.
            Thursday was MLC (Mission Leadership Council) in our building, and we got the Jimmy Johns lunch for them (plus we got some, too).  I worked more on the binders and letters until we ran out of ink, so Jim & I went searching for a replacement cartridge, but instead found a place that would refill the cartridge.  However, it turned out to be $7 more than buying a new one.  Oh, well.  Because of running around for 1 ½ hours, I ended staying until 7:00 while Jim went home and exercised, then came back for me when I called him.  I was able to get the last of the 17 binders done (finally!!).  After I got him I exercised, and we watched TV and went to bed.
            Friday I worked on processing the 4 new missionary recommendations that came in on Tuesday.  I also had to do the Departure and the Arrival Programs to give out on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  The Assistants were in the Office all day making up the Transfer Lists.  Sis. H came in but she sounds like she has the croup.  I still sound rough, but no coughing!!  We took a quick trip to McDonalds about 3:30 in the afternoon to meet up with the Tannehills again who were heading back from Georgia to their home in Henderson.  It was good to be able to visit with them some more.  But because of doing that, we did not finish our stuff until 6:15.  We ended up missing the Neighborhood Watch meeting at the clubhouse, but the Sorensen’s sent and said the police were asking us to be more observant and know our neighbors better.  Hard to do as we hardly ever see them!  Quiet evening at home.
            Saturday more rain all day but we did get to sleep in!!  Jim cleaned the bathrooms while I worked on our budget.  It took about 3 hours, but we got it all done—hooray!! We also took down our few  Christmas decorations, but not the outside lights as it was too wet.  We exercised and cleaned up, then met the Sorensens at The Whole Hog barbecue restaurant.  We got there at 1 minute before 5:00 and we were the last ones they let in.  It was delicious and we closed the place down!!  Then we went to walk around the mall a little, then watched the movie, “Rogue One,” again.  We do love our Star Wars and like to see them multiple times!!  Came home and watched TV but only stayed up until 11:00, and then went to bed. 
            HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
            Today was a cold, foggy, and rainy Sunday, but good meetings and talks about goals and New Years resolutions.  Michelle bought a new car yesterday and was so excited to show us her new 2008 Prius.  So we won’t be picking her up any more.  After church we went to the Office for me to do some of my own desk calendaring, and finally got home about 3:30.
            We want to wish you all a wonderful 2017—
            We love you,

            Elder & Sister Hartzell

                    Elder & Sister Sorensen, new Vehicle Coordinator and Recorder/Referral Secretary

Our Little Rock Zone at the Christmas Zone Conference
The White Bags are the gifts for the missionaries from the local wards and branches

The Women of the Office:  Sister Sorensen, Sister Hartzell, Sister Hugentobler, and Sister Green

The Men of the Office:  Elder Hartzell, Elder Green, and Elder Sorensen

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