Sunday, January 22, 2017

Assorted Stuff

Dear Family & Friends,
            Monday had some difficulties—I need to send some letters to the Departing missionaries and their parents, but I am waiting for information to come in including itineraries that I need to mail with the letters, but they didn’t come.  I worked on assorted other things, but none of the regular stuff.  I checked on the zone conference luncheon for Tuesday. Jim: I started learning more about the missionary bikes today.  Sister Green had been doing that, and I need to take it over now, tracking the coming, the going, and for some the loaner bikes.  It rained buckets on the way home and we could hardly hear our phone conversation with our son Brent.  We enjoy visiting with him every week.  We ate dinner, changed, and went to see the movie, “Hidden Figures.”  It was about black women in NASA during the early 60’s.  We had no idea what they accomplished and what they endured.  It was really good and we highly recommend it!!
            Tuesday I made and sent letters to missionaries who will be coming in February.  I made sure the luncheon was set up for the zone conference on Wed., replaced photos on the bulletin board outside of our Office, took care of medical bills, and recorded and filed information that had been sent in.  We came home, exercised, ate dinner, had a good visit with Joseph, and watched TV.
            Wednesday the information I was waiting for came in and I sent out the letters to Departing missionaries and their parents.  It felt good to get that done!  Checked on the lunch for our zone conference on Thursday.  Our Little Rock Ward is preparing it.  Took care of a lot of emails, iPad stuff, and reorganized some binders on my desk.  Grocery-shopped on the way home, and did 3 loads of laundry.
            Thursday we drove to Otter Creek building (the chapel we meet in every Sunday) and had our LR Zone Conference.  We were taught by President Wakolo, his Assistants, the Zone Leaders, the Sister Training Leaders, an activity led by Sister Wakolo, had a delicious lunch, our group photo, bore our testimonies, some more training by Pres Wakolo about being a 4th Missionary, meaning we serve with “high expectations and high love (for ourselves and the Savior)”, and evaluating how we are serving.  We left and headed back to the Office in pouring rain, worked on phone calls, lots of different issues to take care of, including news of a missionary who is in incredible pain which the doctors found came from a growth in his abdomen and he will be sent to SLC as they believe it is cancerous.  Our prayers are with him and his family.  President Wakolo is spending his time with him and his companions after our zone conference on Thursday and through Friday and yesterday when his plane left.  So sad!  We exercised, ate, and watched Inauguration activities.
            Friday I was busy making copies of all the missionaries who will be here when the next mission president comes on July 1st.  I only got 1/3 of the way done.  Our new mission president is named Norman E. Hansen, from Washington state.  We have a lot of stuff to be sending him over the next couple of months.  Had a meeting with Sisters Wakolo and Sorensen about the meals and food we need to have ready for this coming week.  A lot of meetings, a broadcast, and an apostle here next Saturday.  I needed to run an errand so arranged to do it right at the time that our President and Vice-President were sworn into Office and got to hear the Tabernacle Choir sing (so proud of them), and President Trump give his talk.  I have mixed feelings about it.  I just wish that everyone would give him a chance and see how he does instead of so many critics before he even gets started.  I pray for peace and cooperation between people.  I hate contention!!  Had a quick dinner in the evening, then drove to Larry and Holly’s for a piano recital.  Both Gary and Bram played very well—so impressed!  Sister Wakolo and Jasmin were there and she also performed.  We really enjoyed it!!  Ate some cookies, visited, and headed home.

            Saturday we got a lot done—dusting, vacuuming, airing out the house (sunshine in the morning and 70 degrees!!), recording receipts, taking care of some business, exercising, cleaning up, going shopping for Jim to get new high-top tennies and a new corduroy sport coat.  Also got a new paper cutting tool for the Office.  The fellow who took care of us was so nice, as are most of the people here in Arkansas.  They talk so nicely to you—lots of Yes, Ma’am and No, Ma’am.  Jim even did it on our way home and it surprised me.  He has always been respectful, but not used those words.  It is neat!!  Came home and had Movie Night. 
            Our friend Michelle called and said she had lost the vision in one of her eyes and was going to the emergency room today to get it taken care of.  It happened when she woke up Friday morning and called our Bishop who is an eye doctor about it.  He said it could be an “eye stroke” or bleeding in the eye.  He wanted her to go to the emergency room right away, but she takes her jobs seriously and put them first—going to her regular job on Friday and then to help an elderly woman in our ward yesterday until this morning.  We are praying for her and hope you will also.  Thank you.
            Today we start a new schedule for church—it doesn’t start until noon so I am doing our blog now instead of this evening.
            Some quotes from some of our missionaries:  “After our convert got confirmed Sunday, she came and sat by us.  Before she had expressed about this black spot in her from all of our past sins and how she was scared that it would never go away.  When she sat down, she said with tears in her eyes, ‘the black spot is gone!’  That’s my favorite part about this work is hearing people’s feelings and experiences of being clean and having the Holy Ghost.”
            “In a testimony of another missionary, she said something about not regretting learning lessons sooner because they were learned in the moment she was ready for them.  I’m grateful for that because I learned a lot of lessons I wish I had learned earlier, but I know I only learned them now because I am ready for them and I am looking for the Spirit to teach them to me.”
            Our thoughts and prayers are also with our cousin, Julie, who just completed her fourth chemo  treatment; Sister Hugentobler who continues to have a bad cough and not feel good; our cousin, Barbara, who broke her other foot just as the first one was finally healed,; and other family members and friends who are dealing with health and other issues in their lives.
            We love you and pray for you and hope you are all doing well. 
            Love, Elder and Sister Hartzell
Sister Hugentobler's Farewell Dinner at Olive Garden.

Bram's Science Fair Project - about the amount of iron in cereals.
He got third place in his division!!  Way to go!!

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