Saturday, August 20, 2016

August 15, 2016 Boyles came to visit!!

Dear Family & Friends,
            Last Sunday night Larry, Holly, and the children came over to dinner.  They were late because they had found that a leak in the roof that was supposed to be fixed wasn’t so they had some water to clean up.  It rained all day.  I served Beef Stroganoff and salad and rolls, and Holly brought a chocolate cookie pie and ice cream for dessert.  It was very cozy and fun to all be together.  After dinner, Jim showed the family how to do some Family History on the computer.  They also told us about their big trip—they had a great time visiting many places in South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, including lots of family, and then home.  We watched some Olympics, had good visits with Christi and her family, and with Shelley.  It’s a Sunday night tradition that we love.
            Monday was a busy day with an assortment of letters to write, emails to take care of, stuff to print up, Departure Books to start to assemble, etc.  In the evening we went out to dinner with the Cahoons, Sister Hugentobler, the Cheneys, and the Rasmussens.  We went to a delicious Chinese buffet in Maumelle, then home to watch more Olympics.  They have lots of commercials, so I look up some of the lesser known venues and watch them on my iPad.  Quite fun actually!  Also Monday was our oldest grandchild’s birthday—Lucas Boyles turned 14!!  Can’t believe we have been grandparents for 14 years!!
            Tuesday was also busy with various projects, and in the afternoon we had our Office Staff meeting.  Sister Wakolo wasn’t feeling well so she didn’t come.  Jim had a special meeting after the staff meeting with the new stake housing specialist and President Wakolo to discuss our bed bug challenges.  There Went home at 4:30 to fix leftovers of the Beef Stroganoff for our Office Elders—Heidinger and Boggess.  We had plenty!!  It was nice to get to know them a little better.  Elder Heidinger is from Alberta, Canada, but I can’t remember where Elder Boggess is from.  They left to go work at the Office some more, and we had a nice evening.
            Wednesday was my mom’s 111th birthday and it was good to think about her during the day.  I dropped Jim off at the Office and went to my annual physical at Dr. Riley’s, which is only about a mile or so from the Office.  I think everything is fine—but don’t have the bloodwork results back yet.  Another busy day with lots to do.
            Thursday we reversed and Jim dropped me off and went for his physical.  We cleaned our bathrooms at the church because we didn’t want to come in on Friday.  Our daughter Christi and her husband Shawn and their family traveled from Austin, TX, up to Little Rock.  We tracked their progress on Waze!!  Isn’t it wonderful!!  We don’t have to wonder where they are.  They came directly to the Office where we showed them around and they met all the Office Missionaries, Senior and Junior.  It was fun to show them around.  Then we all left to drive to Larry & Holly’s for dinner and visiting and fun being together.
            Friday I did not feel well so had to stay home and take it easy.  Jim got to go to the waterpark in Hot Springs with both families, except for Larry who was doing surgeries.  It was a hot day so the water and two rain storms helped keep them cooled off. They had a wonderful time and ate dinner at Larry’s Pizza.  He didn’t get home until 10:00.  I had a nice quiet day of napping and watching TV (Olympics) and reading.  Didn’t eat hardly anything.

            Saturday I felt much better and we cleaned the apartment, went shopping at Walmart, and the families brought over pulled pork and corn on the cob which we heated up and ate in shifts.  Then we all went over to the big TV room in the Clubhouse (there are 20 recliners, some of which have massages that work.  So we watched an old movie called “Fievel Goes West” (very cute) and ate chips, popcorn, soda, and had a fun time.  Then we packed everything up and went to Larry & Holly’s and played games, got fried chicken at Slim Chickens (delicious), more TV, games, and played Disney Charade which was hilarious!! 
            Sunday we all went to Pinnacle Mountain Ward and heard some good talks.  My favorite was the young man who spoke about being with friends and trying to decide which movie to go see, but they were all R rated.  In his head he heard his mother’s voice, “Remember who you are.”  So he and a friend went and did something else.  So proud of him to stay true to his values. 
Afterwards we came home and took naps, then went back to Larry and Holly’s for games and for dinner—fajitas and lots of sides.  We sure have eaten well!!!!! 

Then we watched Ameicas Funniest Videos, Olympics, children’s Bible video, had FHE, put the young ones to bed, also Gary and Bram as they started school the next day, and we played Phase 10, a family favorite.  Then we said goodbye to everyone, especially Christi & Shawn and family as they were leaving the next morning, and we headed home.
            Monday worked on Departing Books again, the calendar, talked to my sister Lois, fell asleep on the couch where I was talking to her, then was able to visit with Sister Wakolo who stopped by for awhile, and we had a surprise visit from Sister Green.  They are doing well and have a couple of trips coming up.  Always fun to see them.  Tracked Christi and Shawn’s progress home and they got there about 5:30.  It rained all day, and looks like that will continue every day this week and next.  No wonder it’s so green here!!  We left the Office and went to see the latest Bourne movie, “Jason Bourne.”  Lots of action.  Came home to rest up and watch all the action on the Olympics. 
            Some thoughts from the missionaries:  Talking about the wars in Alma and how it hardened some people and made others humble he said, “It’s like boiling an egg and a potato together.  They’re both boiled in the same water but the egg gets harder and the potato gets softer.  I want to be a potato”
            Another missionary said, “As we were walking to a less-actives home, a woman in a car that was parked rolled down her window and asked if we were Mormons.  When we said yes she proceeded to tell us that the Elders are teaching her cousin.  Then something miraculous happened.  She asked if we could come by and teach her and her children because ‘they need it.’  It’s my understanding that these things don’t just happen.  This woman is ready to hear it.  We can’t wait to meet with her!”
            It so great to hear about the missionaries and their experiences.
            It was a great week!!
            Love to you all,

            Elder & Sister Hartzell

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Wow Lucas is TALL!! Looks like so much fun!