Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Week of July 24 to July 31

Dear Family and Friends,
            Can’t believe it is the last day of July—how time flies when you are having fun doing the work of the Lord!!
            Last Sunday evening was quiet and we got to have some phone visits with family.
            Monday was crazy busy with lots of different projects going, mostly letters to missionaries either in-field, coming soon, or departing.  So much information to get out to so many people!!  We are dealing with bed bugs in several of the missionary apartments and this was recurring theme all week.  We didn’t leave the Office until 6:00 and talked with Brent all the way home.  We also watched the Summer Pioneer Concert by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  We forgot to watch it over the weekend, so are glad the church shows it on  It was spectacular!!  The King Singers from England gave a wonderful performance and we were so impressed that the standing ovation came from their singing of the medley of primary songs.
            Tuesday more letters and updating my checklists that I use to get everything done.  Also had Staff Meeting with Pres. and Sister Wakolo.  They are such terrific people and really love the Lord and the missionaries.  The Assistants and Office Elders were in the Office for a while to take care of their responsibilities, and it was quiet after they left.  About 5:30 a young woman from the North Little Rock Ward brought pizza in for all of us and that was so sweet!  We missionaries love to be fed!!
            Wednesday and Thursday the Cahoons were in Memphis at missionary meetings there, so the Office only had three of us—Elder Hartzell, Sister Hugentobler, and me.  So not a lot of phone calls and missionaries coming in.  I had Leadership letters to get out, and also travel for departing missionaries in October to request.  I went both Wed. and Fri. to Larry’s to help take care of Sammie.  Also found out that Shelley is planning a Hartzell Family Reunion for just our family July of 2018.  We didn’t know anything about it and are so glad that our kids want to get together and hang out for 3 days.  We are very excited about it!!
            Thursday was slower and I didn’t have as much to do so caught up on some “clean-up-the-desk” stuff.  Also working on learning how to update a calendar that I have never used before, so I practiced some on it both Thursday and Friday.  Jim: Mondays are usually really crazy busy for me, but every day I have a lot to do.  I am appreciative when it isn’t so crazy that I can finish a task before starting the next one.
            Friday the Cahoons were back in the Office so the phone rang a lot more.  We did the cleaning of the bathrooms in the morning, Sister Cahoon dusted the Office and hallway, Elder Cahoon vacuumed the hallway, and Sister Hugentobler collected the garbage, vacuumed the Office, and cleaned the front doors (they always get handprints all over them!!).  Our Friday mornings are always cleaning!  Got more letters out and information coming back in that needs to be taken care of.  And for Jim, more bed bug issues, lost MSF card, and apartment renewals.  We all went out to dinner at a fast-food fish place called Captain D’s.  It’s pretty good and was fun to visit and also have the trio of sisters who are missionaries in this area there with us.  Then we did our grocery shopping, went home and put stuff away, and took it easy.
            Saturday we went to a Farmers Market at the grounds of an old Catholic orphanage and picked up a few things.  Then we went to Larry’s and did yard work with him for 2 hours.  We were tired and hot when we were done, but it felt good to do some good service.  He served us lunch and we visited for a while, then went home, cleaned up and took naps.  After we dusted and vacuumed our apartment, I worked on the budget, we did some more laundry, and just took it easy.  It really rained hard about 5:00 in the afternoon for about an hour—a big downpour.  We even lost our power for a few minutes, but thank heavens it didn’t stay off.
            Today has been a beautiful day.  We were able to take Michelle with us to church and I think she really enjoyed it.  The Sabbath always feels so good and peaceful to me, I love to partake of the Sacrament, and RS was about Visiting Teaching.  That is one of my favorite topics and I am so grateful for it in my life. Jim:  The new stake president, President Dixon was visiting today to reorganize the Elders Quorum and ended up taking time in Sacrament meeting due to an ill speaker, and then in priesthood meeting he gave an impromptu lesson because no one was assigned to teach.  Several of the brethren were helping in Primary so the sisters could attend the special RS meeting.  He has a very humble spirit about him and gave a wonderful lesson in priesthood meeting.
            Hope you are all doing well and having a great summer!!

            Love, Elder & Sister Hartzell

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