Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy 4th of July!!

Dear Family & Friends,
            Happy 4th of July, everyone!!  Can’t believe that tomorrow is the Fourth!!!  How time is flying by!!!!
            Ok, enough with the exclamation marks.  Last Monday I was busy all day with sending letters and information to missionaries who will be leaving the next Transfer, which is now in 2 weeks.  We also have one missionary who leaves next Saturday, but I got his stuff out last week.  We got some interesting news—a member of the Mission Presidency, Pres. Busbea, was just made a Bishop so Pres. Wakolo will have to get a new Counselor.  Also, Elder Green, who was one of our Trainers when we came, just got called to be the Stake Patriarch in his stake.  He said he and his wife were stunned when their stake president called him and they just sat there with their mouths hanging open—yeah, that would be us, too. Just not a call you expect.  That evening we had FHE together with the other Senior Missionaries in the Office and the Cheneys and watched “The Cokeville Miracle,” such a sad and yet uplifting movie.
            Tuesday we got in two new Missionary Recommends so I processed those.  Also did the letter that goes in the binders for the Departing Missionaries and put it in their folders.  Also shipped a box for one of the missionaries, got one of our printers fixed (hallelujah!), and took care of the usual phone calls and emails.
            Wed. I put all the premade materials in the 13 binders for the Departing Missionaries, worked on assorted other things, but the binders took most of the day.  Did our grocery shopping on the way home, but had to leave an hour early to do it.  Then I made up a batch of chili and a tossed salad, and we had all the Office Senior Missionaries plus the Cheneys over for dinner and visiting.  It was really fun!!  Also had the CO/smoke detectors put in our apartment and they installed them in the other two apartments here, too.  Nice to feel a little safer. 
            Thursday, I helped collect information for “The Leader,” our mission newsletter that comes out at the end of each month, and sent it to the sister who is putting it together.  I am so glad it is not me as I am not good at that stuff and the young sister missionaries are so much better at it!  I worked on several other projects, including going through file drawers and getting rid of old materials that we only need maybe 4 or 5 copies of and have like 20 to 30 copies.  It felt good to clean those out. Jim: Every once in a while I miss-file something and then need to find it later.  Well that happened today.  I searched for an hour looking for this report, and it just wasn’t there, and I had basically given up finding it.  Sister Hartzell seeing my frustration asked if I had prayed about it.  Well I am embarrassed to say that hadn’t even occurred to me. So I humbled myself, had a prayer, and searched one more time, and I found it.  Prayer works, even for office paper work.
            Friday I worked on a variety of projects for both myself and Jim, plus cleaning the women’s bathroom.  I trade off with Sister Cahoon each Friday—so it was her week to dust.  Elder Cahoon’s back has been bothering him for awhile, so Jim and the Office Elders, Elder Phillips and Elder Heidinger, gave him a blessing.  We hope he will feel better as he is crazy busy all day long with car stuff.  We picked up a quick dinner on our way home, then took Sister Cahoon and Hugentobler with us to see the movie, “Independence Day—Resurgence.”  Boy, that was a ton of action and a number of times during the movie when we would think they were basically done and they weren’t.  We had a workout just sitting there!!
            Saturday was a dusting and vacuuming day, exercise (which we also do on Tuesdays and Thursdays), napping, worked on our June budget and it looks good, cleaned up, and met Larry’s family at the movie theater to watch “The BFG.”  It was pretty good with some gooey stuff, some mild rude humor, and some good belly laughs.  We enjoyed it quite well. We said goodbye to Larry, Holly, and the kids as they are leaving for an awesome trip to Utah for 6 weeks stopping at a lot of places along the way there and back.  Larry will be gone for the first part, then come home to work and do other things, then join them again later in the month.  Sounds like they will have a great time but we will miss them!!  Got some dinner on the way home and chilled for the rest of the evening.
            Sunday (today) has been wonderful—enjoyed fasting, Fast and Testimony meeting, our classes, and our wonderful Sunday naps!  We are going to the Cheney’s for dinner, and will talk to the kids and grandkids later.
In RS we talked about the Holy Ghost and how He influences our lives.  Some wonderful stories were told about revelations received when needed, and the feelings the sisters had in various situations.  I am so glad we have felt the power and guidance of the Holy Ghost so many times throughout our lives.  Jim: Today in Priesthood meeting the Elders Quorum President gave the lesson (the Elders and HP meet together each Sunday) and first reminded us of the Conference talk that Pres. Eyring gave last fall about the EQ President who had such success reactivating quorum members because he knew where they washed their trucks.  So we had a discussion about who is regularly missing from the quorums, why, and what should or could be done.  It was a great discussion about “where they wash their truck”. 
            Love you all—

            Elder & Sister Hartzell
Our Senior Missionary Social with President and Sister Wakolo front and center.  She is wearing traditional Fijian dress.

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