Sunday, April 17, 2016

Zone Conferences

Dear Family & Friends,

Last Monday started off with a bang!  Literally!!  We had a thunderstorm going on and one lightning strike was right on top of us!!!  And it was pouring rain—but we were able to get to the Office just fine, and were busy all day long.  Pres. Wakolo and his Assistants were there meeting with a Brother Joe Paul from SLC.  He was there to help train the missionaries and the Car Czar, Elder Cahoon, about the new TiWi (tee-wee) that was going to be installed on all Mission Cars during the next three days of zone conferences.  It will be like having Mom or Dad in the car, telling them to slow down, put on their seatbelts, don’t stop so suddenly or corner too sharply.  Hopefully this will make our missionaries much better drivers!!  Elder Hartzell and I were both busy with the responsibilities of our jobs.

Tuesday we got three new recommendations who will be coming to our mission—one in June and two in July.  So far we have one new missionary coming next week, then 7 in June and 6 in July, but of course the latter two will change between now and then.  At noon we drove to the Little Rock Stake Center for their Zone Conference and were able to attend the last 1 ½ hours, then enjoyed a delicious lunch put on by sisters in the LR Stake (from Larry’s and Holly’s ward!), and we each gave our presentations—me about keeping contact information up to date and returning stuff to the office quickly, and also messages from the Recorder and Referral Secretaries (who were holding down the office); Jim about the various financial stuff he needed them to know, and about the new CO and smoke alarms that will be installed in all missionary apartments. Jim went into the office after we got home and worked on paying bills for a couple of hours.

Our own Zone Conference was on Wednesday in Jacksonville that also included the Searcy Stake, so we attended the whole day.  We had the Area doctor speak about good health and exercise practices, then he visited with the missionaries individually in the afternoon.  I was having an issue with my wrist (not carpel tunnel but the little bone on the outside that sticks out) so he told me, then emailed me stuff to do.  Also, Bro. Paul from SLC did his presentation about the new Tiwis, and President and Sister Wakolo and the Assistants all did presentations.  It was really good and inspiring!!  And the luncheon served by the Jacksonville sisters was delicious!!

Thursday was the Memphis and Memphis North Zone Conferences.  Since we didn’t need to be there until 1:00, we picked up boxes for them at the Office, then drove the 2 ½ hours to Memphis, drove around only a few minutes, then headed to the Stake Center which is right by the Memphis Temple (our mission temple).  It’s only open during limited hours in the evenings and on Saturdays, but we will be able to attend a week from Monday and will tell you about it then.  The luncheon was again delicious and I know Elder Hartzell and I are gaining weight!!  “Oh, dear!” For me and “It’s about time!” for Jim.  (He doesn’t think that, I do).  Our presentations went fine and this gives all our 200+ missionaries a chance to meet us.  We drove home in a bad rainstorm, made worse by all the road spray from the trucks on the freeway that are almost a constant stream.  On the way there Jim counted 60 semis driving west in a two mile stretch of the freeway.  It is a major trucking thoroughfare!! I was also able to visit a classmate from LVHS who was a year behind me in school.  He and his wife, Elder Dennis and Sister Karen Milk, are missionaries in Memphis.  He was not a member when we were in school, but hung out with LDS kids and joined later, in his 20’s, with his wife.  It was fun to catch up about people we both knew.

Friday morning is church/office cleaning for us.  Jim always cleans the men’s bathroom near our office, and I alternate between cleaning the women’s bathroom and doing the dusting with Sister Womack and Sister Cahoon.  Elder Cahoon always vacuums the hallway and foyer and sweeps the front porch.  Then I found out that I had made a big mistake.  The letters I needed to send the Departing missionaries who are leaving in a week and a half I accidently sent to the Departing missionaries who are leaving in June—so I just made them trunkey and the April missionaries anxious about getting the information quickly.  OOOOOPPPPPSSSSS!!!!!

Well I worked quickly and got the letters and information out Friday afternoon and hopefully all will go well!!

The Office Senior missionaries all went out to lunch at Olive Garden to celebrate Elder/Brother Green’s birthday on Friday.  They came back just for that and it was fun to be with them again. 

Saturday we went to Gary’s and Bram’s soccer games in the rain/mist.  It wasn’t too bad until the wind started blowing a little and the day got colder.  Both boys played well, and Bram got a goal.  Came home to do some cleaning and Jim went back to Larry’s to help work on Bram’s Pinewood Derby car.  We exercised when he got back, cleaned up, and went out for Japanese food—always a treat!!  Watched a movie and went to bed.


Today was my (Pat’s) birthday!  We went to church at Larry’s ward, went home and ate lunch and took naps, then went to Larry’s where he and Holly had made a wonderful, delicious meal of grilled steak, smashed potatoes, corn on the cob, tomato and cucumber and feta cheese salad, rolls, watermelon, and pineapple and then a lemon cake with a lemon glaze for dessert!!  It was wonderful!!!  Got to have phone visits with most of our children and birthday songs from their families.  So much fun!!!

We love you all and “have a blessed day” (which is what they say here all the time)

Elder and Sister Hartzell

These beautiful azalea bushes are in front of a house near the church.  Aren't they gorgeous!?!

This is a grove of trees that is part of our church landscaping.  There are trees everywhere here!
This is the front of our Memphis Temple with beautiful tulips in bloom.


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