Sunday, April 24, 2016

Colds are no fun!

Dear Family and Friends,

This past week I got 6 new missionary recommendations—three are sisters who will be coming in June.  We have had several sisters leave this past 5 weeks because of health and injury, so really need more right away.  Depression is one of the problems the sister missionaries are having, and it is very hard to overcome.

Tuesday we went out to lunch for Sister Hugentobler’s birthday.  We went to Larry’s Pizza again and ate lots of good food.  Jim didn’t feel he could leave his work, so he did not go with us.  I started coming down with a cold Tuesday night, was okay at work on Wednesday but got worse during the course of the day.  By Wed. evening I wasn’t feeling good, and stayed home on Thursday feeling really yucky.  Jim was able to go and work longer than usual.  He gave me a blessing Thursday morning before he left, so I took it easy all day and by Friday felt much better and went into the Office and got everything done that I had scheduled to do both Thursday and Friday--one of the blessings of the Lord.  However, Saturday I felt awful again and laid around all day while Jim went into the Office from 9:30 to 4:30 and worked constantly without interruption and was able to accomplish quite a bit.  So far Jim hasn’t shown any sign of getting the cold, for which I am most grateful. 
It has been a good week weather-wise.  No big storms and quite a bit more sun!!

I (Jim) do like going into the office on Saturdays because it lets me get to some of the things done I never have time to do during the week with all the emergency things that popup, no phone ringing etc.  Friday was pretty stressful with lots of issues and by later afternoon I was a bit frazzled, actually really frazzled. Trish came into my office and said take a walk with me around the building, you need a break, which I did.  When we got back I did feel better and soon after that I received a call from one of the apartment managers who called to tell me how much she enjoys having the sisters in her apartment complex, was there anything they can do to make their stay more pleasant, oh and by the way if you will just renew your lease for only 3 months at a time we can save you from paying the extra $100/ month you will have to pay if you just go on paying month to month.  That totally made my day.  For me that would be equivalent to a young missionary having someone stop them on the street and ask if they could please have a copy of the Book of Mormon.  A tender mercy for sure.

Well, that’s our life this past week.  Hope you are all doing well.

We love you,

Elder & Sister Hartzell

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