Sunday, April 10, 2016

New Office Couple

Dear Family & Friends,

Last Monday a new couple arrived in our office.  Rich and Eunice Cahoon are from Oregon.  They actually left this mission a year ago after having served here for a year, so they already know the ins and outs of the mission.  They have settled in well and are a lot of fun to be around!  He will take care of cars as he did before, and she will take care of cell phones, iPads, bikes, and assorted other stuff.

Tuesday was our Office staff meeting to go over things that are coming up and need to be done.  That evening we went to Larry and Holly’s and enjoyed babysitting our grandchildren and spending the evening with them.  They are such great kids!

Our mission just got new carbon monoxide/smoke detectors for each apartment in the mission.  These have their own self-contained battery that will last for 10 years.  Just another way to keep our missionaries safe.

Sister Womack had a daughter and son-in-law visit from Utah and so she spent Thursday with them.  The Office Elders needed a ride to a teaching appointment and so we got to go with them and teach—our first investigator lesson on our mission!  We had a good visit and hoped the lady would attend church on Sunday.  Then we took the Elders home with us and fed them dinner.  While there, they looked at our bed to see why it was squeaking and sagging so badly.  We found out that there were only 3 1x3’s holding up the bed that had been nailed in, and the nails were coming out and the boards were bowed.  No wonder we had squeaking and sagging?!!  So we took out the boards and just put the box springs on the floor inside the bed frame.  With such a high mattress, it is almost as high as a regular bed!!  So that will work fine for now—no more sagging!!  No more squeaking!!

This week we did date night on Friday—going out to dinner at Red Lobster and to see the movie, “Batman vs. Superman.”  We really enjoyed the non-stop action and thought it was a good movie.

Saturday was great!!  We got to go to Gary’s soccer game in a town 40 miles south of us called Sheridan.  His team played well against an older and taller team but the final score was a loss of 2-0.  Gary did great!!  Then we followed Larry and Holly’s family to a town near Benton, about 40 miles northwest, where we grabbed a quick lunch then cheered for Bram and his soccer team!!  He also did great, and his team won their game 8-0, with Bram scoring one of the goals.  Very proud of our grandsons and their soccer skills.  Wish we could attend all our grandchildren’s activities and hope we will be able to go to some after our mission.

Came home, cleaned, worked on and finished the March budget (it’s going well), exercised, and had a quiet evening.

Today, Sunday, we attended the Little Rock Ward.  Our Mission President asked if we would attend our son’s ward just once a month, and the other three weeks attend a smaller ward that could use some extra support.  We are happy to serve wherever the Lord wants us, so we said, “of course,” and enjoyed attending there today.  We actually knew some of the people in the Ward because they are friends of Larry’s and Holly’s and we used to see them when they were part of Larry and Holly’s ward.  Nice to meet good people all over.

We hope you are all doing well.

We love and miss you,

Elder and Sister Hartzell

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