Sunday, April 30, 2017

Why Arkansas is green

Dear family and friends,
            Monday: Each week we are thankful for the blessings of modern communications that we can visit with our children by phone or FaceTime or email or text.  When I was growing up, as many of you may have had similar experiences, if you lived far away from aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents as I did, long distance phone calls were expensive so that was very infrequent, so there were letters.  I still have some of those letters. Today we have such ease of communication but then where is there a written record to keep?  Thankfully we can always communicate with God through prayer and we have the written record in the scriptures for His communication with others. Written records are important and many of them have eternal consequences.
            Monday at the office was pretty normal except for dealing with a power outage on one of the circuits in our office.  That unfortunately was the one that ran the refrigerator and we lost all the food in it, which unfortunately was a lot.  The building maintenance man was able to discover the faulty device, which happened to be on the outside of the building and on the same circuit.  He removed it and everything now works fine. Pat had some letters and emails she sent out and worked on her revision to the Secretary’s Handbook reference.
Tuesday: This was a busier day, with plenty to keep busy.  There were apartment issues to settle for a new couple coming the end of the week, and broken cell phones.  Patricia spent time updating a four year missionary address list that is kept, and some email problems that several missionaries were having.  May transfer is pretty small. 
            Wednesday: The last couple of days have been nice, but it rained all day today.  I guess that is why it is all green here.  The emergency radio in the office kept going off all day long, reporting severe thunderstorms north and south of Little Rock, and several tornado watches for those areas.  There were power outages too.  We worry about our missionaries as they are about serving.  There were a couple more cell phone replacements today.  This has been a much more frequent occurrence lately, so maybe there are a large number of phones about the same age and are starting to fail. Pat processed four missionary recommendations and updated the arrival and departure list. Tomorrow is the Missionary Leadership Council (MLC) meeting here in our building, so after work we had to go do some grocery shopping for the luncheon.
            Thursday: We had all the missionary leaders here today for the MLC meeting with President and Sister Wakolo. Patricia and I picked up the chicken strips for lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  There was another broken phone, wow this is getting ridiculous.  I also had to set up a motel stay for the new couple arriving in Memphis on Saturday.  Their apartment won’t be available just yet.  Pat worked with Sister Hess on the three letters that go to the new missionaries whose recommendations we just got this week. One letter for the parents and two different letters for the missionary. There is always a lot of media that Sister Sorensen boxes up to distribute to the different areas after the meeting.  After work we drove to our son Larry’s house to celebrate our granddaughter Harper’s birthday.  That was fun.  She had order cauliflower soup for dinner and donuts for desert. She is a cute little girl, just turned 6.

            Friday: We have had a fairly light week as to work load.  Next week will be busier since it is the week before Transfers, missionaries arriving and leaving, and there is extra things to get ready for them.  We did the office cleaning today, and celebrated Elder Hess’s birthday.  Pat had to do a stake president letter and certificate for a missionary who’s going home early. After work we both got our hair cut.  Patricia always has cut my hair since we were married, so this the first commercial haircut I have had in 44 years.  Quite a savings in all that time.

            Saturday: Today instead of watching the soccer game, we picked up Harper and took her to lunch, and then to a Nature Center in downtown Little Rock.  It isn’t very large, but had fun displays, including some live animals, fish, turtles, a small alligator, and some snakes.  There were other stuffed animals and some pelts to touch.  It was a fun date with her.  We did our apartment cleaning too, and I had to go back into the office to deal with the credit card authorization document required when I paid for the new couple’s motel on Thursday.  I had anticipated this yesterday and called the motel to ask about it, but had been assured it wasn’t necessary.  Well you can see how well that turned out.

            Sunday: Wow what a night last night.  We had a continuous thunderstorm all night.  Lots of rain, thunder and lightning.  The alarm on the phone went off three times related to flood warnings. Just before we were ready to leave for church Pat saw a text from the member we have been fellowshipping that stated that there was a power outage at our building we attend and were going to just have sacrament meeting at the building where Larry attends church.  We were glad for the text or we would have been at the wrong place.  It was a good meeting, which included the Spanish Branch also.  One of the talks was about not taking offense, and referenced a talk by Elder Bednar.  The speaker commented that Elder Bednar commented that taking offense is a choice we make, and not the result of what someone else does or says.  We can decide not to take offense, even if that was the intent of the other person.  The last speaker spoke on how the bar has been raised and continues to be raised as it relates to how we need to do intentional parenting.  We need to choose Christ in all our doing and per 2 Nephi we need to press forward or we will be pushed back by the world.  She ended with a quote from President Eyring that stated that whatever was enough in the past, will not be sufficient in the future.
            We hope you are all doing well.   Our thoughts and prayers are with you all,
            Love, Elder & Sister Hartzell

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