Sunday, April 9, 2017


Dear family and friends,
            Jim: Last Saturday I enjoyed having dinner with Larry at the Whole Hog Café and our visit, and then attending Priesthood session of conference.  Sunday we stayed in the apartment and enjoyed the two sessions of conference.  There were some really touching talks we listened to and others that inspired goals that we need to improve upon our service and devotion.  I appreciated President Nelson’s talk about the turbulent times we live in and how we can get through them. We need to focus on Jesus Christ, and not on what or how we serve.  We need to read, study and memorize the scriptures, and the testimonies of the living apostles. Elder Holland spoke about Jesus listening can hear the songs we cannot sing.  We all have limitations but we can sing in our own voice the songs of redeeming love we have for the Savior. Accept who we are and make that our best self.  Elder Sabin added to that thought that we need to be all in and stand up inside, and not be complacent with our covenants. Elder Anderson spoke about how we need to try and be more like Jesus in all that we do.  Elder Ballard added that we need to ask ourselves, “how am I doing?”, and evaluate how we are harkening to His voice.  Elder Bednar talked about how we need to focus on who we serve and not where.  Where doesn’t matter. Elder Rasband spoke about the importance of the Holy Ghost in our lives.  Where would we be with his help to bind us to Christ, fill us with joy, and comfort us in those hard times we all have. President Uchtdorf spoke in the priesthood session about the need to be humble and lift where we stand and then on Sunday spoke about having faith, not fear. Find and recognize the Lord’s blessings, the pure love of Christ overcomes all obstacles. And Elder Cook talked about faith as a principle of power.  There were so many more, this is just a few, our quest is to study them and set goals for ourselves to improve upon over the next 6 months.
            Monday: Patricia continues to improve each day.  She received help at the office today from Sister Hess, since typing is impossible for her right now to accomplish her work.  We had our bi-weekly staff meeting, but without President Wakolo, who will not be back in town until Thursday.  We have several questions to address with him when he returns.  One of the issues we are trying to address with the missionaries is their preparedness in event of a serious disaster of some kind.  72 hour kits are to be available and we are addressing that. 
            Tuesday: Today was a little less busy than yesterday.  Mondays are nearly always my busiest day of the week.  Sister Hess help Patricia again today.  There are always letter and reports to address.  Some are on a recurring basis, some specific to leaving or arriving missionaries, and some when a missionary needs to leave the mission early due to illness that have to be done quickly. 
            Wednesday:  This morning we went back to the doctor and had Patricia’s arm re-evaluated.  They took the cast off, and x-rayed again and put a new cast on.  Everything looked good so little or no likelihood of surgery being needed.  That was good news. Sister Rasmussen, another senior missionary, helped out with the typing this afternoon to give Sister Hess time to work on her own assignment of cell phone report analysis. 
            Thursday: Today Sister Green, who left several months ago, came back to help with typing.  She is especially a great help since she knows the system and has served in the position in the past. This has been the week for broken cell phones.  Over the past 10 days we have gone through 6 phones to replace.  That is a lot more than usual. 
            Friday:  We have yet another two missionaries going home in the couple of days for medical reasons.  So stake president’s letters and Release Certificates were prepared for them.  Patricia is able to do a little typing now with the new cast, which has more mobility for her fingers to move, and it is okay with the doctor.  Also today the technology specialist finally came and addressed printer relocation needs.  It turns out to be easier than I thought.
Soccer game at Pinnacle Mt.(this is what they call a mountain in Arkansas)

            Saturday: This was a day of soccer games.  Both Gary and Bram had games in fields near Pinnacle Mountain Park, which we had not been to before.  It was sunny, warm, and windy at times.  It was nice to just be outside and enjoy the weather.  We did cleaning at the Office and at home, had fun playing at the park with Harper, also did some exercising of our own.
            Sunday:  had a quiet morning, took the Bowies to church, enjoyed Sacrament meeting, the testimonies, the lessons, returned home, got dinner cooking, and took naps. 
            Our thoughts and prayers are with you all,

            Love, Elder & Sister Hartzell

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