Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Fathers Day!

Dear family and friends,
            Sunday evening, June 11, we enjoyed good FaceTime visits with Christi and Shelley and their families.
            Monday, June 12, I got 2 new projects from Pres. Wakolo—make digital copies of all the Leaders newsletters since he came here 3 years ago (this would have been easy if they had not accidentally gotten deleted off the computerL), and make copies of all the Board Cards of the missionaries who are here now.  He wants to put all of them in a photo album along with all the ones he kept as the missionaries went home.  That took most of the day.  Jim helped me with the Leaders.  We had a quiet evening at home cutting out the Board Cards while we watched TV.
            Tuesday, June 13, I worked on the Departure Binders and Letters to the President that go inside of them.  It took all day to do 12,so I still had 4 more to do.  We exercised at home.
            Wednesday, June 14, we were the only ones in the Office as the Sorensens and Hesses drove to Memphis on Tuesday afternoon to spend the day Wed. at the Memphis Zone Conference.  It was pretty quiet in the Office and I finished up the last 4 “Mission Memories” binders, and started processing the 5 new missionary recommendations that came in—one for August, making that 24!!, two for September, one for later Sept who was ASL (they come and go at odd dates), and one for October.  I had a phone visit with my sister, went home and had a phone visit with Brent.  Brent shared their good experience attending the Tucson Temple open house, and his triplet’s first summer camp experience.  Ate dinner and went to see the movie, “Wonder Woman.”  It was really good!!
            Thursday was our Arkansas Zone Conference in our building.  Jim and I attended the whole day while Sister Sorensen watched the Office.  We were well-taught!!  Pres and Sis Wakolo and their daughter Jasmin all bore their Farewell Testimonies.  We ate a delicious lunch prepared by the sisters of the Searcy Ward.  We gave a beautiful plaque to Pres Wakolo and gifts to Sister Wakolo and Jasmin.  Jim:Probably the most important reminder that President Wakolo left us with was the counsel he received once from Elder Bednar who said that our testimonies will not save us, it is our continuing conversion to the gospel that is needed. Also, casualness leads to casualties; and Atonement or torment. Missionaries signed several different cards for them, we watched a fun video presented by the Wakolos. 
President Wakolo showing us the plaque that the Mission gave him.
Farewell Testimonies were given by the 12 missionaries in our Arkansas zones who leave on Tuesday, and no one wanted to leave.  We stayed until 6:00, then went home, exercised, and had a quiet evening.
            Friday, June 16, we cleaned the bathrooms at our corner of the church, I finished processing the 5 missionary recommendations, got pizza and salad for all the missionaries in our building—the Sherwood sisters, the Office Elders, and the NLR elders, plus the Sorensens and Hesses.  It was fun to eat together.  Even two of the Assistants and Pres. Wakolo came and had some food.  Watched a couple of movies in the evening, including “First Knight,” an oldie but goodie!!
            Saturday, June 17, we took our three grandchildren to the Little Rock Zoo.  We had a great time!!  It was overcast and had a nice breeze, so we were fine in the morning.  It was Enrichment Day at the zoo, which means that the zoo keepers would set up special food treats and cereal boxes to play with, then let the animals out to have some fun.  So we got to watch a black jaguar enjoy himself with the two hard-boiled eggs and checking out the signs they had put up.  Also, the otters loved their treats and playing in their pool, plus the girl otter next door had fun climbing a tree and watching the two boy otters play.  (They do not live together).  

We took the kids to McDonalds for lunch after being at the zoo for 2 ½ hours, then took them home.  We stopped by the Office for about an hour so that I could work on a project, then did our grocery shopping, I stopped and got my hair cut, then we went home and cleaned our own bathrooms, got cleaned up, and watched some TV.
            Today, June 18, is Fathers Day—Happy Fathers Day to everyone!!  We attended Larry’s and Holly’s ward and enjoyed our meetings.  Came home, ate lunch, and worked on the blog.  We had a rest and then drove to Larry’s house for a great dinner of steak and shrimp!!  We had a visit with Brent on the way.  Technology is great!
            We hope you are all doing well.   Our thoughts and prayers are with you all,

            Love, Elder & Sister Hartzell

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