Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Transfer week and Mother's Day

Dear family and friends,
            Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing women or as Sister Linda K Burton at the Women’s conference would say “certain women”.  Certain in your testimonies of the Savior and in your role to bless the lives of others.
            Monday May 8, 2017: This is Transfer Day and so the office was extra busy with lots of missionaries ready for their transfer to a new area, waiting on their companion to return from the temple.  Each transfer the missionaries with birthdays or if they are completing their mission have the blessing of going to the temple.  Since it is Pday they use the internet connection to do emails, they play volleyball and basketball and visit a lot.  Sisters Hess and Sorensen made several dozen cookies, and somehow they about all disappear during the day.  You would see an elder come in and get a half dozen and say “they are to share”, yeah right.  We had lots of changes in assignments. One area of Memphis there were some stake boundary changes which affected where the missionaries are serving.  We will need to move two companionships because of that change and find one new apartment.  Finding new apartments is always challenging.  Pat and I input all the changes into the Church tracking system, which took several hours.  Pat also had some missionary tablet issues to deal with. 
Tuesday: I spent this morning working on some apartment rent payment issues, it was much quieter today.  I was planning on inputting the needed payments but all afternoon the internet was down due to a local provider issue. We only had two new missionaries come this transfer and four went home. Pat updated the arrival/departure list.  Her wrist is doing better, but it is a slow process. She exercises it 3 times per day, and is usually very sore by the end of the day.
            Wednesday: We did our training for the new missionaries this morning at the chapel and then drove to the mission office. The rest of the day was quite busy and, because of the internet back up, I had both yesterday’s and today’s work to do.  The new apartment that we needed to find in Memphis has been finalized and we will be in it next Wednesday.  Pat processed 5 new missionary applications, answered emails, and assisted with tablet problems.
            Thursday: This was a calmer day and I got caught up with the work and had time to work on some “c” priority things.  One activity was to send out rent replacement checks to two different apartments which both had their rent payment returned to Salt Lake as undeliverable.  The addresses were correct, so hopefully sending them with tracking they will actually get delivered.  This has happened a few times now, three times this month, and is quite bothersome and causes a lot of extra work. Pat did more letters for the new missionaries, and sent photos to parents of the new missionaries that arrived, and photos to the missionaries who departed.
            Friday: Back to raining again all day today.  We cleaned the office this morning and had a slower day, which is nice.  Some bills to pay and follow up on apartment renewals.  One I have been working on since February that there seems to be some problem with their email delivery.  She receives my emails but it turns out none of hers get sent in return.  She has had problems with email delivery too so it is not just with us. Pat’s arm is getting a little bit better all the time, and can do more little things herself.  We did help her get some baptismal photos up on the bulletin board this afternoon, and she had some iPad and tablet issues to address.  We got her a compression sleeve for the hand and wrist on Wednesday and that seems to be helping also.  This evening we attended a piano recital that our two grandsons performed in last evening.  They played well so that was fun. 
            Saturday: Pat did some food shopping this morning at a local farm stand that the historic Catholic Orphanage runs which we have gone to last year.  All their produce is certified organic so we are getting some good produce as well as supporting a good cause.  We cleaned our apartment and then I had a service project to help our son Larry with a sprinkler system repair.  Pat just took it easy all afternoon.
            Sunday: We had a wonderful sacrament meeting at Larry’s ward that we attended.  The focus of course was on Mothers.  In our Priesthood and Relief Society meetings we talked about the need to read the Book of Mormon.  It was pointed out by one sister that President Monson only spoke for 3 ½ minutes and it was all about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon, so it must be important.   Their ward has several annual goals they are working on and one is for everyone to read the Book of Mormon each day and finish it by April next year.  It is a good goal and good promises when we do what the prophet asks. We have been reading that great book ourselves daily for years and just start over again when we finish.  Pat remembered a story that happened at the office about three or four weeks ago. A fellow came in who was not a member of the church. His partner in business had passed away who was a member of the church. He said that though they were different religions, they respected each other a lot. He knew his business partner would want his last tithing paid so this man brought his business partner’s tithing in to be paid. Pat took him over to the bishops office, gave him a tithing envelope, let him fill it out and put the money in and seal it, and they pushed the envelope under the door of the bishop’s office.  What respect that man had for his business partner. We had a fun evening having dinner at our son’s house and visiting with them.  What a blessing to be serving here.
We hope you are all doing well.   Our thoughts and prayers are with you all,
            Love, Elder & Sister Hartzell

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