Monday, February 6, 2017

February Arrives

Dear Family and Friends,
            Monday was a really nice day and I got many things accomplished:  sent letters to the missionaries in the MTC, letters to the Departing missionaries along with their itineraries, finished all the missionary biographies and put them in a binder to mail to President Hansen, printed up baptismal photos for December and put them on the bulletin board outside our Office, did some calendaring, took care of paperwork that came in the mail, and emails.  We received some sad news that one of our MLS missionary couples will be leaving this week due to illness.  We are sad to see them go, they have done a lot of good in the Ward they have been assigned to serve.  Talked to Brent on the way home, made and ate dinner, Jim did the dishes, worked on Family History for a while, we watched TV, and went to bed.
            Tuesday I worked on the 4-year missionary list and printed it up for the “Mission Memories” binders, learned that one of our Senior Couples who had only been out for 3 months needed to go home because of health issues, also learned that one of the local Senior couples who serve as apartment inspectors has a health issue—the husband has liver cancer that has spread everywhere so he is not doing any treatment and says he will serve until he dies!!  What an incredible testimony of service!!  Went to the post office to mail packages, picked up board magnet names for our Transfer Board, and stopped at the bread store for a few things.  I set up lunches for the next two days for Leadership Training for all the Zone and District Leaders—Wed here and Thurs in Memphis.  Came home, exercised, worked on the blog, watched TV.
            Wednesday, we had two nice days of sun, but are back to clouds again today.  I processed four new missionary recommendations—all elders and all coming March 28, picked up the pizza for the Leadership Training Lunch (Pres. Faulkner will take care of the lunch on Thursday in Memphis), and worked on assorted other things.  Did the grocery shopping on the way home, did the laundry, Jim ironed his shirts, relaxed and I slept great, but Jim was awakened by music in the middle of the night!  He couldn’t tell where it was coming from and was awake for about an hour.  How rude of our neighbors!
            Thursday I got the three letters out to the new missionaries I just processed and their parents, did a lot of scheduling and updating the calendar with new stuff coming up, and did some shredding of old files.  Went home an exercised and took it easy.  Since it was Groundhog Day, we watched that movie which Jim had never seen before.  Now he understands all the references to it he has heard through the years.
            Friday was cleaning day, I worked on the Annual History which has to be done every year at this time, had some emails to take care of, printed up some of our personal tax documents that we can only get online and we have no printer at the apartment.  Jim has been busy all week with the normal bills and apartment issues and has added trying to learn how to analyze the cellular phone call data that comes each month.  It is a big task sort out the calls or texts that might not be in accordance with mission rules.  This had been done by Sister Green and prior to her, Sister Cahoon, but now there is no one else to do it.  We stopped to visit with the Hesses on our way to our apartment.  They live in the same complex and will probably end up staying in their apartment to do all of the medical work for the missionaries.  They received phone calls all day long!!  They have a real nice desk setup that we got from the previous Temple President’s home.  It is well used but very handy for the two of them so they can work together.  Went home and had fun watching movies.
            Saturday we exercised twice, vacuumed and dusted the apartment, worked on our taxes and are ready to make copies and mail them in.  Cleaned up and went to see the movie, “La La Land.”  Except for one glaringly bad word, the movie was good.  It was a musical hearkening back to the days of good movie musicals without a lot of junk in them.  Then we went shopping and had dinner at Olive Garden.
            Sunday was cold and cloudy.  We put a roast and cut up vegetables in a crock pot before we left.  We enjoyed Fast and Testimony meeting.  Michelle and Caleb were there and her eye has shown just a little improvement.  The insurance refused paying for her treatment, so the doctor is going to write them and see if he can persuade them otherwise.  Enjoyed classes about the signs of the times, and then about how to recognize if we need course corrections.  We took Sister Bowie, one of the deaf sisters in our ward, to her house, then went home, had naps, watched BYU TV and set the table and got ready for dinner.  The Sorensens came over to eat with us, but the Hesses said they were “slammed” and could not take time for dinner.  I feel bad for them and all they have to deal with.  The missionaries have many physical and mental issues, and need to be treated with patience and love.  After dinner we played some games, then they left and we had visits with Shawn, back from China!! and with Christi, and also with Shelley.
            So it’s been a good week and feel that we are getting along pretty well.  Hope you are all the same!!

            Love, Elder & Sister Hartzell

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