Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sight-seeing with the Dotans

Dear Family & Friends,
            Monday I met with Sister Wakolo about changes being made in the mission and how to handle future lunches.  There will be no more Specialized and instead, have zone conferences of one kind of another every transfer.  I also worked in emails, the calendar, shredding, etc.  The smell in the building is still pretty bad and we keep our office door closed.  Had a good visit with Brent after work and while we ate dinner.  Quiet evening. Jim: The smell is actually so bad I had to use a mask most of the day and we had the outside doors propped open most all week.  It is awful!!  Also, the fall colors here are not very colorful—it has been too dry and lots of trees’ leaves have turned brown and fallen off.
The best color we could find.
            Tuesday we got in 5 new missionary recommendations, with a 6th one coming in on Wednesday.  I redid some forms, worked on the 2017 calendar, making changes that Pres. Wakolo requested.  Changed the beds and washed sheets in the evening, plus a load of clothes.  Watched the election results on TV from time to time, but didn’t stay up past midnight so found out the results the next morning.  We were good with Trump winning and really hopeful that he will change how some things are done and make a difference in our economy.  I don’t like being in debt, whether it is our personal finances or the countries.  Different presidents have promised, with Bill Clinton coming the closest in the past 20 years.  Sure hope Trump is able to turn it around and not give that huge debt to our children. 
            Wednesday I spent the day processing the missionary recommendations.  There is quite a procedure to follow, but I did get them all done.  Did some other odds and ends.  We went shopping after dinner, then did more laundry at home, plus cleaning the bathrooms, getting ready for company to come. 
            Thursday did more of the stuff I have already mentioned this week, plus printing up and putting new baptism and group photos on the bulletin board outside our office.  Went home and made Chicken Tortilla Soup to serve for dinner.  Finally, at 6:45 p.m. our dear friends from Israel, Sheila and Itzhak Dotan arrived.  They have spent the summer in Athens, Georgia.  Itz is a professor of chemistry who does research at different universities around the world.  We met them 40 years ago in Boulder, CO, right at the time I gave birth to Larry.  We clicked and have been friends ever since.  Jim & I count ourselves so lucky to have many dear friends that we connected with at different times in our lives and have stayed connected to all through the years.  Many of you are those special friends and we are so grateful for each of you!!
Showing Sheila and Itzhak Dotan the Mission Office
            Friday we got up, ate, and took off for Little Rock to see the sights:  Historic Arkansas with several old houses and a nice museum, The Central High School National Memorial where segregation was begun in Arkansas and the Little Rock Nine (nine black high school students braved the crowd of angry white people who treated them terribly), the Heifer International building that I talked about in a previous email, and the Clinton Presidential Library.  They had a wonderful exhibit about the Beatles which I really enjoyed, being a big Beatles fan!  We even rode the Trolley and had dinner at a good restaurant called Cheddars.  While at Central High School, a man noticed our name tags and introduced himself as a church member from Monterey, CA.  Always fun to make good contacts like that!
This was a photo we took of Central High School in March of 2014.  Had to get the grandkids in, you know!!
The Little Rock Trolley all decked out for Christmas
             Saturday we drove to Memphis and spent the day at Graceland and all things Elvis.  We each agreed that, though none of us were huge Elvis fans, it was a great tour and we learned a lot.  We were glad we went!!  
Getting ready to go into Graceland

Then we said a sad farewell and Jim and I drove home.  Jim was able to have a great visit with his brother Dean, and I enjoyed some nice visits with my sister Lois during the week.
            Today was a lovely Sabbath day.  We enjoyed our meetings.  Before Sacrament meeting started, we met a couple who were visiting from Briggs, Idaho.  They told us about their humanitarian mission to Vietnam.  They were called for 18 months, but in their setting apart, their stake President blessed them to serve 24 months, and sometime later they were officially asked to stay 24 months.  Also he blessed them with good health, which was important in a country with poor water and food.  They loved it there and made many wonderful memories!!
            Hope you all have a great week!!
            Elder & Sister Hartzell


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