Sunday, October 30, 2016

Almost Halloween

Dear Family and Friends,
            Last Monday didn’t start out too good.  I woke up feeling sick—no fever and nothing serious, but I knew I didn’t feel well enough to go to the Office, so I stayed home and rested all day, eating mostly broth and drinking 7-Up (my favorite drink when I don’t feel good).  I watched TV, read, took several naps, and just took it easy.  When Jim got home, we had a nice visit with Brent and enjoyed that.  Slept good that night.
            Tuesday I felt fine again and went into the Office.  Jim: Yesterday the phones and internet were down most of the day, but they made up for it today.  Monday came on Tuesday this week.  I had taken 105 pictures last Friday of the mission home and yard and needed to send them to Salt Lake.  It took quite a while to learn how to do that as a Zip file and using a special program the Church uses for large file transfers.  We cannot use third party software, like Dropbox for transferring files.   Pat: I had a lot of catch-up to do, mostly taking care of emails, and also sending out letters to the stake presidents of the missionaries going home the end of November.  It’s great printing up their Certificates of Completion to put in the envelopes that their stake presidents will present to them after they get home.  President and Sister Wakolo came in for a couple of hours and it was nice to visit with them.  The Greens were in the Office on Monday and Tuesday, getting stuff done.  And Sister Hugentobler is feeling better all the time.
            Wednesday Jim was busy with Brother Stewart from the Missionary Department in Salt Lake City.  His assignment is to visit all the missions in a certain area and see how things are going with the Finance, Housing, Vehicle Inspection areas, and meet with the mission president.  They visit each mission once during each Mission Presidents tour.  Jim: I have been doing most things correctly, but had a few that I need to improve on. Pat: I worked on answering the phone and taking media orders that Sister H was busy filling.  There were missionaries coming and going all afternoon, bringing in old 4 mission cars and getting 4 new ones to drive away.  The Office Elders were there taking care of stuff (I got to see the shed by our chapel that they have organizing—it looks terrific!!), and the Assistants were there setting up the interview schedule for President Wakolo.  He will be interviewing every Transfer now, instead of just once a quarter.  We went to Sam’s Club after to pick up food for Thursday, came home and did laundry.
            Thursday was MLC—Mission Leadership Conference—where the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders meet and talk about what the missionaries need to be doing and what the focus of the mission should be.  Jim and I went and picked up Chick-fil-A chicken strips and served them lunch with salad, chips, grapes, and cookies and cupcakes.  We also had a new Senior couple arrive—the Harrises.  This is their 4th mission—one to a YSA ward, one to Italy, one in their local mission office for a year, and now hear.  They will do MLS.  They are real excited to be here and ready to go to work!  Worked on a beta-testing for IMOS using a new set-up for their correspondence module.  So far I have found quite a few bugs, but hope in the end I will be able to do all my letters through their mail merge instead of what I am doing now—typing in the correct information in the correct place.  We stayed until after 6 pm so Jim could try and get somewhat caught up after yesterday’s visit.  Came home, ate dinner, and I did another batch of laundry while Jim ironed shirts.
            Friday we cleaned for a couple of hours, worked on the IMOS testing, went to the bread store, worked on some of the missionaries medical bills (either faxing copies to Mission Medical or talking to Mission Medical about what else needs to be done.)  We stayed until 6:15, then drove to the Otter Creek building where the Little Rock Ward meets and went to their Fall Social.  We had Nachos and all the trimmings for dinner, then a fun costume parade for the kids, and lots of games for them to play.  Went home and relaxed!!
            Saturday Gary and Bram had their last two soccer games, and we went to the first of each (Gary’s team lost theirs 3-1, and Bram’s won theirs 1-0), then to the grocery store, got gas, headed home to clean our bathrooms and the kitchen floor, then took naps, I went to get a haircut, then exercised, I cut Jim’s hair, ate dinner, watched TV, and had a good night’s sleep.
                Today we are fasting for one of my nephew’s grandchildren who has heart surgery this coming week.  We pray that all will go well and it will be successful.  We took Michelle and Caleb to church and had good meetings.  Jim challenged Caleb, who just turned 9, to think about preparing himself for baptism by sitting in on the lessons his grandma has with the sister missionaries (he is not a member nor is his mother, just his grandma).  He loves church and Primary and is a real good kid!  Jim: In sacrament meeting at the conclusion of one of the talks, Bishop Houston shared the following quote from Jerry Rice, the football player: “Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't”.  I think this goes along well with Elder Oaks’ talk a few years ago about Good, Better, Best.  If we want the best results, then we are going to have to do what it takes to receive those best results, putting forth our best effort. Came home, read, and napped, and look forward to visiting with Christi and Shelley this evening.
            A quote from one of the letters to the mission president that he shared in his Monday email:  "'True discipleship happens more outside of our callings than inside our callings, meaning that as a member of the church you minister to others by being a good member rather than ministering because you have a particular calling.’”
            Love to you all,

            Elder & Sister Hartzell

Gary and Grandad

Bram with Grandma & Grandad

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