Sunday, September 25, 2016

Variety of Activities

Dear Family & Friends,
            Last Sunday evening we had the Cahoons over for dinner and really enjoyed eating, visiting, and playing games.  We will surely miss them when they leave this next Friday!!  We also visited with Joseph and his children, Christi and her kids, and Shelley. 
            Monday I ordered iPads for the missionaries due to come in October 11th and got them late in the week—boy!  That was fast!!  Also worked on phone numbers in our email/text-to-phone address book.  That took most of the day.  We visited with Brent on his way home from work, ate a quick dinner at home, then went to see the movie, “Sully.”  It was a great movie and so glad we took the time to see it.
            Tuesday, Wed., and Thurs. the Cahoons were gone to Memphis so it was quieter than usual.  Sister H was with us Tuesday but left Wed. at noon to fly to SLC for a granddaughter’s wedding on Friday.  I got letters out to the October missionaries who are in the MTC now, worked on Mission Memories binders.  The best news was we hit the jackpot—3 Senior couples came in our email!!!  Hooray!!!  One come in October and will be here for 6 months, one will be our new Office Couple.  They will come the middle of December and be here for 18 months.  One comes in February and will stay a year.  We are so thrilled!!!!! 
            So Wednesday I processed the recommends, finishing them on Thursday.  Lots to do to get them all done.  I took some packages to the post office to be mailed, then went to get my hair cut.  Sent out some letters, took care of some phone calls and emails.  In the evening did the laundry.
            Thursday was weird with everyone gone except Jim and me.  We worked all day on a variety of things.  I did a lot of printing of things like our Mission History that goes in the binders.  We have been a mission for 41 years.  Last year President Wakolo was in charge of a big mission anniversary party and several previous mission presidents and missionaries came to celebrate, too.  It is fun to look at those photos.  Also had a good visit with a cousin who just found out she has breast cancer and will have a “new normal” for the next year of varying treatments.  Our prayers go out to her that she will make it through with as little discomfort as possible.
            Friday the Cahoons were back and it was good to have them back in the Office.   I cleaned the women’s restroom and dusted, and Jim cleaned the men’s restroom as he does every Friday.  I took a lot of media orders for Sister H, typed up the Departure letters that are to be put in their binders, and worked on my calendar for the next two months.  At 10:30 Jim & I drove to our grandkids’ elementary school and had lunch with Harper at 11:15 and Bram at 12:15.  We also went with them to the Book Fair where we bought some books for them and for Gary (they got to choose theirs).  We went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant, did our grocery shopping, and went home to relax.  I started sucking on Coldeze as I felt a cold coming on.

            Saturday I continued with the Coldeze and still felt good enough to attend Bram’s game (he played well but they still lost), did vacuuming and dusting at home, did budget stuff, took naps, cleaned up, and left at 4:30 to pick up Michelle and take her out to dinner.  We went to Applebees and enjoyed good food.  Then we went to the church to eat some cheesecake (lots of different kinds), and watch the broadcast of Women’s Session of General Conference.  I had to leave early to go pick up Sister Hugentobler.  Her plane was late coming in, but we got home fine.  She is suffering from laryngitis!!
            Today I did not feel good so stayed home from church.  Jim went.  I took naps and read and watched some BYUTV (thank heavens for that!!).  It made me sad not to partake of the sacrament and join in the fellowship of the Saints, and also sad because I wasn’t up to going to Bram’s 10th birthday celebration.  I am glad I got to give him a big hug on Friday! 

            Hope you are all well and happy!

            Love, Elder & Sister Hartzell

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Shelley said...

How fun you got to celebrate with them and meet them for lunch!