Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yes, that's Pat on a bike!!! I did pretty well actually, since it is a huge park and this is the best way to get around it.

The missionaries had a great time playing miniature golf.

This is the hammock play area, a huge series of nets strung out for kids to climb on.

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Anonymous said...


This is the Wengert Chuck .

Marci said you were here in Japan and I have been thinking of looking for you, but have been extremely busy. I am glad to see you have been enjoying Tokyo and here abouts. We should get together a John S. Park reunion sometime. I live in Kawasaki but work in near Gaienmae.

My e-mail address is my last name (two O's, no e) at-mark

I'd love to hear from you. I saw your comment on Gordie's mailbox and with your last name was able to track you down to here. Gordie, Minker and McCall are the only others of our alumni to make it to Japan - that I know of. And Chuck was the only one I met here in the past 34 years. You would be the second. Hope to hear from you.