Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear Children,
These are photos from my birthday party!!
Actually, these are photos of all the new missionaries (greenbeans, called "Beanies" here) who just arrived on Wed.. Thursday, my birthday, was also their training day. So when we stopped for lunch, they all gathered round to sing "Happy Birthday" to me and take these pictures. Now I have to explain the pose they are in: the elder who trained Dad, Elder Iida, had a pose he liked to do--turn at a 45 degree angle, lean toward the camera, hold one hand over the other wrist, and give a "look". Even though Elder Iida has been transferred (we miss him very much), they all decided to look like Elder Iida. The one who comes closest is the missionary in the bottom right corner, one of the A.P.'s, Elder Innes. But look at Dad in the back left corner--I think he does the Iida look pretty well. (It reminds me of Popeye!). Even though I missed very much being with all of you, these missionaries tried to make up for it by drawing me cards, saying "Happy Birthday" all day long, and just treating me so well. I loved reading all of your snail-mail cards and e-cards from Hallmark. I am truly blessed to be in this place, with my eternal sweetheart, doing God's work, with the support of my wonderful children and grandchildren. Life just couldn't get any better!!!!!!!!
My hearfelt love to all of you--

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