Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 29

Dear Family & Friends,

This has been a nice week. Things are pretty calm, but we are starting to gear up for transfers next week. We will be having 14 missionaries leaving (12 Americans, 1 Japanese, and 1 Australian) and 9 coming (all Americans).

This weekend we helped with the yard work around the honbu, mission home, and chapel. We had ward members also helping us. However, I (Pat) broke out in hives later that day. And this is the 2nd time that has happened. Apparently I am allergic to something that is growing here during the summer, as I never broke out all during April and May. So, Jim says I can’t do yard work any more as we don’t know what is causing it. I have big welts and itch like crazy. Thank heavens, our daughter, Christi, mailed us some Benedryl and Calamine lotion, anti-itch cream, and I found some Aloe Vera gel here, so with all of that, I am able to get by with minimal scratching. I do tend to be sleepy during the day, but try to combat that as best I can. Sometimes, I have to go in Pres. Hill’s office (when he is out doing interviews or at Zone Conferences, etc.) and sleep on his couch.

We also did some fun shopping at the yaku en store (100 yen or dollar store). They sure have a great variety of stuff you can buy for just 100 yen. We mostly got stuff for our apartment, nothing real exciting, but we are proud that we can go do something like that on our own and not get lost!!

The word for this week is “sugoi” (sue goy). It is an expression that people say that means “great!!” or “wonderful!!” So we hope that everything is “sugoi” with all of you.

Love, Jim & Pat

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